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Richard Hamilton: Happy Birthday to the 'real' Godfather of Pop Art
With many hailing Andy Warhol as the Godfather of Pop Art, the real pioneer was an artist from Pimlico. This week, on February 24th, Richard Hamilton would have celebrated his 96th birthday. We mark the occasion by exploring how he paved the way for Pop Art.
Virginia Woolf's photography revealed and 5 other writers who turned their hand to art
Harvard Library has digitalised Virginia Woolf's personal photography albums. Throughout her life, the Modernist writer preserved her photographs into photo albums, which Harvard Library have now made available for all to look through.
Step inside a treasure trove of a Chinese Shophouse
In the breathtaking home of Ros and Richard visitors to the Chinese Shophouse take a journey from Singapore to India, France and their native England.
Biggest auction of Murano glass to ever take place in Italy
Antique and vintage glass from the Venetian island of Murano will be coming for auction on 27th February at Italian auction house. We pick our favourite pieces.
Kees van Dongen: The ''Wild Beast'' and ''painter of brothels''
In 1905 the controversial Salon d'Automne took place in Paris, amongst the artists on exhibition was Dutch-French painter Cornelis Theodorus Maria 'Kees' van Dongen (1877–1968.) We uncover why this exhibition was so controversial and how van Dongen came to be included.

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