Finarte was founded in 1959, by the Milanese banker Gian Marco Manusardi, with the purpose of assisting collectors in the acquisition and trade of artworks. From the very beginning the strategy of the auction house appeared to be clear: focusing on specialized auctions, from old masters to contemporary art, from silver to jewelry, from numismatics to porcelains and all other main collecting sectors. Within a few years Finarte managed to stand out as a leader in the Italian art market. By the end of the 1960s there were around 15 auctions, this number duplicated in the 1970s.

Finarte was growing so quickly that in 1972 a new headquarter was launched in Rome and a second one opened in Milan in 1981. In 1986 a capital increase occurred and the company grew from 8 billion to 42,5 billion. In 1989 Finarte achieved its most important historical period with a declared sales volume of about 150 billion. In 1993 Finarte opened a new headquarter in London. In March 1997 Finarte hosted its 1000th auction in it’s 35th year. Two years later Finarte launched the website

In 2000 Finarte published its first online catalogue and started selling artworks online.

The 10th of April 2001 Casimiro Porro is re-elected for the third time as President of A.N.C.A. (Associazione Nazionale Case d’Aste). During these years Finarte had embraced every aspect of collecting and gained invaluable experience.

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Gelatin silver black printing on fiber paper 30 x 40 cm Signed on the back Gianni Berengo Gardin On the back green stamp COPYRIGHT G. BERENGO GARDIN Finarte
Thomas Ruff (1958) - Ree 07 (Red panties), dalla serie 'Nudes', 2000
Ree 07 (Red panties), dalla serie 'Nudes', 2000 Stampa vintage ai pigmenti \n\ncm 74,7 x 56,8 (cm 26,7 x 34 immagine) \n\nEdizione 26 di 50 \n\nFirmata e numerata a matita al verso Finarte
Album featuring 20 albumen prints 24,5 x 33,5 cm Finarte
PIETRO CONSAGRA (1920- 2005)
PIETRO CONSAGRA (1920- 2005) Bifrontale, S.d. 1984-89 Bronze 48 x 39 x 6.9 cm (base included) Ed. 2/3 Firmato in basso a sinistra Consagra Registered with the Archivio Consagra, Milano - 28 December 2007 Provenance Estate of the artist Private collection, Rome Exhibitions Galleria Edieuropa, Rome, Forma 1 cinquant'anni ddopo, 26th November 1997 Finarte
Grammature di colore N 8
Grammature di colore N 8 ELIO MARCHEGIANI Mixed media on plaster Finarte
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