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When Bolland & Marotz started back in 1975, the auction house was mainly focussed on regional art objects. However, the auction house run by Jörn Marotz and Ulrich Bolland grew quickly and soon became an international auction house ranging among the leading institutions for selling North German art, especially concerning paintings from the Artists' Colony of Worpswede, a small town near Bremen, where the auction house is based. Furthermore are paintings of the 17th – 20th Century and Modern & Contemporary Art part of the repertory. Among collectibles, Bolland & Marotz regularly offers extraordinary pieces of Russian und Asian art as well as European Art from the Renaissance to Art Nouveau, specializing on Baroque silver objects and furniture. A longstanding clientele built up over decades is basis of the success Bolland & Marotz had over the years as is reflected in international auction records Bolland & Marotz holds. In 2012, Jörn Marotz and Ulrich Bolland handed over to Christian Gründel and Vincent ten Vergert, both founders and owners of the international auction house Historia based in Berlin, continuing the success with new and fresh ideas. The service Bolland & Marotz offers comprises expert advice and evaluation of art objects, liquidation of art collections, and selling both in Bremen and Berlin.

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