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CapitoliumArt Auction House born in 1988, founded by Rudiano Rusconi in the prestigious Palazzo Cigola Fenaroli Valotti, in Brescia. In 2008, after twenty years and forty auctions of only ancient art, following a new order into the company the name changed into CapitoliumArt. It was inaugurated the section of Modern and Contemporary Art directed by Gherardo Rusconi, while the ancient and nineteenth century art continues to be run by Giorgio Rusconi. In 2010 was inaugureted the Design department chaired by Louis Bosa which was followed by that of Oriental Art (2015) and Jewelry & Watches (2016) departments chaired respectively by Ilaria Bellucci and Valerio Cacopardo.


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Delizioso lampadario degli anni 60 , a 2 luci , Schermi di latta verniciata
Delizioso lampadario degli anni 60 , a 2 luci , Schermi di latta verniciata in delicati rosa e giallo pastello. Delicious chandelier of the 60 ' s , 2 lights. Screens of black and white painted iron, brass Capitolium Art
Tavolino da salotto ""Square"". ""Square"" coffee table.
Tavolino da salotto ""Square"". ""Square"" coffee table. Capitolium Art
ROTELLA MIMMO (1918 - 2006) Some Like It Hot.
ROTELLA MIMMO (1918 - 2006). Some Like It Hot.. 13/125. Signature and edition lower in pencil. Dry stamp Mimmo Rotella Foundation, Milan lower left. Publication: Mimmo Rotella - Multiples décollages, Silvana Editoriale, 2005, p. 95.. Cm 70,00 x 100,00. Capitolium Art
MIGLIORI FRANCESCO (1684 - 1734) Dido Preparing the Enclosure of Carthage.
MIGLIORI FRANCESCO (1684 - 1734) Dido Preparing the Enclosure of Carthage. Oil on canvas "The painting depicts a subject rarely treated in the Venetian painting of the eighteenth century: Dido, sitting surrounded by her ladies and maids, watches as the cowhide granted by King Iarba as the equivalent of land on which to found Carthage is torn into strips. The format of this painting, a highly elongated horizontal rectangle, is also found in the paintings preserved in the churches of San Marcuola and San Moise (Adoration of the Golden Calf), which have strong stylistic similarities to the work presented here.Francesco Milgiori, a Venetian, debuted with an apprenticeship at the workshop of Francesco Molinare, then developed a taste in Veronese neoclassicism at the end of the seventeenth century, acquiring the chromaticism of the founder Sebastiano Ricci. A series of paintings for the gallery of the elector of Saxony Frederick Augustus I are dated 1712 and testify the interest paid to Migliori outside the Venetian context. Since the end of the second decade of the eighteenth century, he received frequent commissions from Venetian churches and institutions that testify to his artistic maturity and his establishment in the context of the best Venetian artists. The painting is accompanied by a profile by Lucio Grossato. " 96,50 x 36,50 cm Capitolium Art
CHARLES MONTLEVAULT (c.1835-1897) Paesaggio
CHARLES MONTLEVAULT (c.1835-1897)Paesaggio lionese Capitolium Art
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