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The family-owned auction house Bruun Rasmussen was founded in 1948, and is one of Denmark's oldest auction houses, and currently the largest auction house in Scandinavia. Bruun Rasmussen conducts auctions and appraisals of antiques for individuals, businesses and institutions, and public authorities.

Bruun Rasmussen conducts four auctions per year, and more than 50 online auctions with around 100,000 catalog numbers. Bruun Rasmussen offers a broad expertise in the following departments: art, antiques, modern furniture, jewelry, stamps, coins, weapons, books, and wine.

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What You Need to Know about Buying a Pocket Watch
Although we live in a highly digitised, smart-phone driven world, the classic pocket watch appears to be making a comeback. Whilst there are new models coming out on the market, the consensus seems to be that older, antique pocket watches carry more allure. In this sense, pocket watches have become as much of a fashion statement and conversation piece as they are a practical way to tell time.
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Masters of chairs, Le Corbusier and Léger
Italian avant-garde, enamel paintings by Le Corbusier, Great Danes, revolutionary design, Russian icons, Rolex watches - where do I stop? Check out my picks from Bruun Rasmussen's upcoming sales.
Two pieces of iconic Danish design by Finn Juhl could fetch over £100 000 at auction
Copenhagen's Bruun Rasmussen is a bastion for the design greats, their auction this month is no exception. Two incredibly collectable pieces hitting the auction block at the Danish auction include a coffee table and a chair by master designer Finn Juhl, which combined are expected to bring in over £100 000.
Biggest Russian collection to ever come to auction in Scandinavia
This June, Denmark's leading auction house Bruun Rasmussen will host an auction featuring world-class mid-century design, as well as the largest collection of Russian art and crafts ever seen at auction in Scandinavia.

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Poul Henningsen: "Cascade". PH chandelier with five arms, chromium-plated
"Cascade". PH chandelier with five arms, chromium-plated frame, 2/1 shades of opal glass. Certificate included. Manufactured by Louis Poulsen, 1999. Diam. 67 cm. (2) Bruun Rasmussen
Palle Nielsen, Ejler Bille, Henry Heerup, Ole Sporring: Four compositions.
Four compositions. All signed. Lithographs and woodcut. Varying sheet sizes. (4) Bruun Rasmussen
6 bts. Château de Fargues, Sauternes 2011 A (hf/in). Owc.
6 bts. Château de Fargues, Sauternes 2011 A (hf/in). Owc. Sourced from excellent storage facilities. Bruun Rasmussen
1875. 4 and 8 øre. 3 LARGE PEARL FLAWS
1875. 4 and 8 øre. 3 LARGE PEARL FLAWS Bruun Rasmussen
France. Stockbook filled with mostly classic issues
France. Stockbook filled with mostly classic issues Bruun Rasmussen

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