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According to the terms of ICCAuctions, I insert the corresponding text: WANTED: Registered parties can use the BUY NOW section to express an interest in acquiring a corkscrew, corkscrew part or other wine related item. To do this the heading must start with the word "WANTED". Users of this facility agree that such WANTED  listings are merely an expression of interest and not an offer to purchase or sell and the user submitting the wantd listing reserves all discretion to decide whether to purchase any particular item and at what price, terms and conditions. ICCAuctions does not review, vet or approve the genuineness or condition of any item. All communications and any agreement in respect of WANTED listings are private between the parties and ICCAuctions has no responsibilities, involvement or liability for or arising from the transaction. Users listing the WANTED category should include in the description section the statement "in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, this merely an expression of interest, not an offer to purchase or sell"l. The price in the listing is merely a starting place for discussion.  Wanted-- Crescent tool Co. Corkscrew--produced in Jamestown, N.Y. in the early 1900's by the Crescent Tool Co (producers of the famous Crescent wrench). All metal tool with a hollow handle that hold a brush on 1 end of the handle (for dusty corks) and the corkscrew pivots out from the other end. Marked on the top part of the shaft--"Crescent Tool, Jamestown" and on the other side--"Pat. Pending". Overall length is approx. 7-8 inches.                      If you have one available, please just let me know!      Read more

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