Bukowskis was founded in 1870, by Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski, and is the leading auction house in the Nordic countries. Bukowskis has been appointed Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden (Kunglig hovleverantör), and they offer international hammer auctions, online auctions, and private sales. Bukowskis have conducted successful auctions in Sweden for the past 140 years, including the collection of King Charles XV in 1873, and the estate of Master director Ingmar Bergman in 2009. Bukowskis received the exclusive rights to sell the etchings of the renowned Swedish classical painter Anders Zorn in the 1920s. The etchings by Zorn were so valid that they were accepted as security for bank loans, and "exchange rates" were noted at Bukowskis.

Bukowskis continuously showcase unique and fine art objects, and Bukowskis is one of Scandinavia’s oldest salesrooms. Bukowskis headquarters are located in Stockholm, and they have branches in Helsinki (Finland), Gothenburg and Malmö, and representatives all around Europe, U.S.A, and Asia. Bukowskis has a longstanding tradition of specialist knowledge of the highest quality. The company's specialists conduct continual research within their domains and daily make qualified decisions and estimates of objects, which contribute to the continuous growth of the company's store of knowledge.

Bukowskis’ hammer auctions are represented by the Classic Sales, the Modern Sales and the Contemporary Sales, and each auction is held two times a year during spring and fall. Bukowskis also offers a variety of special sales such as the Vintage Sale, the Eclectic Sale, and estate and charity auctions. The online sales are conducted by Bukowskis Market, and they have showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Bukowskis Market offers catalogued objects from all epochs and all price ranges, suitable as collector’s items or for interior decorations. Bukowskis is part of the International Auctioneers, IA, which consists of seven well-known auction houses in Europe and U.S.A. Bukowskis is also represented in EFA – European Federation of Auctioneers.

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CHRISTOPH BURGER, ARMBAND Signs, 18K guld, Lapponia 2000.
Vikt 84,4 g.\nLängd 18 cm.\nOriginal mockapåse. Bukowskis
JOSEF FRANK, bordsarmatur, Firma Svenskt Tenn, modell 2388.
Mässing, läderlindad stång, två ljusarmar, vit veckad sidenskärm. Märkt SVENSKT TENN TYP 2388. Höjd 50 cm. Bukowskis
PONCHO, Ralph Lauren, one size.
Svart tunn bomull. Etkettmärkt "RALPH LAUREN", one size Bukowskis
SKÅL, keramik. Ming dynastin (1368-1644).
Keramik. Ming dynastin (1368-1644). Skålformad på fot. Celadonfärgad glasyr. Kammad dekor. Höjd 7,5, diam 14,5 cm. Bukowskis
RULLMÅLNING, fåglar och blommande kamelia och prunus, sen Qingdynastin (1644-1912).
Tusch och färg på papper. Kalligrafi och fyra röda sigill. 211,5 x 53 cm. Bukowskis

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