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25 Blythe Road was founded in 2007 and now runs biannual auctions in five different categories. This includes two online auctions: British & Continental Pictures, and Islamic, Indian, Himalayan and South East Asian Works of Art which take place on this this website. The three live auctions that take place in the 25 Blythe Road gallery, accompanied by online and telephone bidding, are Decorative Works of Art, Antique Arms, Armour and Militaria, and Maritime and Scientific Models, Instruments and Works of Art. Each online and live auction is preceded by viewing days at the 25 Blythe Road Gallery.



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A FRAGMENTARY WOOD CARVING, Nepal, circa 18th century
A FRAGMENTARY WOOD CARVING, Nepal, circa 18th century Depicting Mayadevi and Buddha (?), the mother figure standing holding a stick, the child Buddha with hands clasped, holding a stupa 19.5cm high 25 Blythe Road
James Holland, O.W.S. (1800-1870) The marketplace in Rouen and A boat
James Holland, O.W.S. (1800-1870) The marketplace in Rouen and A boat, Rouen (a pair of drawings) one inscribed and dated: Augst 26th/Rouen the other dated: Augst 25th pencil the largest 17.5 cm by 25 cm; 7 in by 10 in (unframed) 25 Blythe Road
DESIGNS FOR A MEMORIAL TO EARL HAIG pencil 37 x 25.2cm Provenance: Abbott and Holder, 1997 These designs are for a monument to General Haig (who died in early 1928) in London. The eventual monument in Whitehall was by A F Hardiman and was not unveiled until 1937, after much controversy (c.f. A "matter for artists and not for soldiers"? The Cultural Politics of the Earl Haig National Memorial, 1928-37, by Stephen Heathorn, in Journal of British Studies, 44, July 2005). Hampton was clearly intending a rather grand monument, with the equestrian figure in front of a substantial pillar surmounted by sculptures, or on a plinth. The drawings show the sculptor's initial ideas, although of course the monument was never carried out in this form. Hampton was a sculptor and landscape painter, who had been trained at the Slade and in Paris. Noted for his portraits and for his public sculpture, his main public works include Queen Victoria for Ipswich, Lancaster, New Zealand, and India; King Edward VII and King George V for India and London; Lord Aberdare for Cardiff; The Hon. William Rolleston for New Zealand; The Marquess of Salisbury for the Foreign Office; The Duke of Devonshire for Whitehall; Lord Hardinge of Penshurst for Bombay & Bankispur; Lady Hardinge for Delhi. He also executed numerous portrait sculptures, many exhibited at Royal Academy exhibitions. When Haig died, Hampton was one of several sculptors to put his name forward to do a memorial - including Wade, Adrian Jones, Jennings, Macdougal, Geraldine Blake Thomas, and the Frenchman Georges Malissard. When the competition, limited to 3 younger sculptors (Reid Dick, Ledward, and Jagger) was announced in January 1929, Hampton wrote in protest to the Times (published 5 February 1928). Sadly eight days later the same paper published his Obituary. 25 Blythe Road
AN OTTOMAN FIGURE WITH GUN Bears signature: THO' LAWRENCE oil on panel 25.6 x 17.7cm unframed Provenance: Property of a Private Collector 25 Blythe Road
A QAJAR POLYCHROME PAINTED PEN BOX, Persia, mid-19th century
A QAJAR POLYCHROME PAINTED PEN BOX, Persia, mid-19th century Papier-mâché, of long oval form, the exterior painted with various figures in a landscape, the inner section with scrolling foliage in gold, handwritten label inside reading 'Property of EEB from her father H-C.P.' 23cm long 25 Blythe Road
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