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Peter Rossister’s moving abstraction
What if the world was boiled down to a few simple shapes and vivid colours? But nothing is as it seems in Peter Rossiter’s painting Murmuration.
Richard and Ros’ Barnebys move
Welsh dealer White Court Art joins Barnebys! Learn more about Richard and Ros Veal’s company and how they envision their work.

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Gulval,Summer Bouquet. Original Oil Painting by Michael Strang
Sumptuous, rich still life from one of Britain's greatest artists. These flowers were picked by the artist & painted in his studio, preserving them for ever. Heavy impasto working. Strong piece. White Court Art
Calm Sea. Original Painting by Martine Barnard.
Lovely contemporary abstract ,oil on canvas by this well collected artist. Good Interior Design work, very light and airy feel to it. White Court Art
Saphos Queen Of Lesbos by Sax Berlin. Original Oil Painting
Lyric poet Sappho was born on the Greek island of Lesbos sometime in the 600's BC, although little is certain about her life and much of her poetry is lost to us her reputation, originally established by the Alexandrians remains. This oil and silver leaf depiction of her by Berlin give Sappho a regal appearance and one could imagine her recitals with a Mediterranean backdrop and lyre accompanist. Highly classical in execution and with an exceptional use of pigment and precious metal our poet truly becomes a Queen in the hands of Modern Master Berlin. This amazing painting literally glows and fires with changes in the light as if she were illuminated by ancient lamplight. White Court Art
Nude by Martine Barnard. Original Mixed Media Painting
Really beautiful oil and gold leaf nude, Oil and gold leaf on board with a cracked varnish finish. Mounted. White Court Art
Rhythm Of Summer. Mixed Media painting by Celia Roberts
Rhythm Of Summer - looking like an Icon from an ancient Russian church the maiden plays in celebration of Summer on her mandolin. Iconography plays a large role in primitive art and this mixed media work from Celia demonstrates the flare she brings to the genre. In excellent condition, well framed behind glass. White Court Art

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