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1965 Chateau Latour - Pauillac

Chateau Latour and has been for many the most consistent performer amongst the First Growth Wines over the past century, acquiring an enviable reputation for producing very good wine in the more challenging vintages. The bottle and label is in good condition but there is some corrosion to the foil and possibly the cork..there is also a little sediment floating on the top of the wine ..a very small amount The level is quite high...mid-high shoulder so suggests very little seepage Well, 1965 Latour is proof that wine tasting isn’t an exact science and you can never predict the outcome. We opened up a bottle with a fairly low level (mid shoulder). And what a surprise this was : this semi translucent maroon fluid diffused a stunning array of smells immediately after pouring.This was the lovely combination of wonderful aromas you’d only expect from a great classic Bordeaux from an excellent vintage, but nonetheless,here it was : sweet fruitiness (red cherries and berries, ripe plums), tobacco and tar, forest floor, cedar and cigar box and on top of that some more exoticsmells of 5 spices, incense and a whiff of those spanking new leather sandals you just bought in expectation of great summer days to come.On the palate it luckily performs with equal bravado, there’s no denying the quality here : great balance, it’s still fruity and woody, has great alcoholicwarmth and depth and finishes with peach skin soft tannins and a juicyfreshness that keeps it all incredibly vibrant and surprisingly youthful.If there ever is a wine you’d want to put in a blind tasting to simply stun everyone, the 1965 Latour definitely is it! Great class! RRP 700 per bottleRead more

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