AGUTTES is a French auction house with four different locations: Neuilly, Drouot, Lyon-Brotteaux and Deauville. With its 190 annual sales in all fields, AGUTTES is in the top 5 of the best French auction houses. This company is one of the major players at Drouot in Paris.

All specialties are auctioned regularly at AGUTTES: Jewellery, Books, Furniture, Tribal Art, Ancient and Modern Paintings, Asian Art, Vintage Art, Wines, Silverware, Coins and many others.

AGUTTES differs from the other auction houses by its family spirit and the tight relationship that the team maintains on a daily basis with its customers. The auctioneer Claude Aguttes and his colleagues are available to appraise, with the assistance of the best experts, all art objects that you would like to sell. Each object is appraised by a specialist, then included in a dedicated catalog and distributed to potential buyers worldwide through effective communication.

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The Aristophil Collection – did you say “exceptional”?
The Aristophil Collection is arguably the finest manuscript and autograph collection in the world. Some of it could become yours on 16-20 June.
Charlotte Perriand and the two Jeannerets steal the show at Aguttes
The famous trio of architects, Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret hold a special place in the hearts of design lovers all around the world. Lucky for them, the trio will be honored at Aguttes on May 7th with exceptional lots at the “Design” auction.
An Amazing Amazon on Catawiki
Up until 12th of April, Catawiki is offering an Amazon with a javelin by Pierre le Faguays at a starting price of €1,300… Time to bid!
Inaugural auction of Aristophil collection predicted to make literary history
This month marks a very important event in French and literary history. Aguttes will host the first auction of the esteemed Aristophil collection.
Spectacular Comète brooch showers into auction
On 20th April, a special double-diamond brooch by Mauboussin will be coming to auction at France's Cazo.

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Carrosserie DRIGUET & CIE
Carrosserie DRIGUET & CIE Lot de 3 plans, comprenant un plan de carrosserie sur papier bleu d'usine, basé sur châssis De Dion type ID, un plan de carrosserie sur papier blan, basé sur châssis Citroën et… - Aguttes - 18/03/2017 Aguttes
Petit retable portatif
Petit retable portatif, métal repoussé 19ème siècle H: 18- L fermé: 10cm - Aguttes - 15/06/2011 Aguttes
Partie de ménagère en argent à décor Art Nouveau
Partie de ménagère en argent à décor Art Nouveau. Monogrammée. Elle comprend: - 11 fourchettes à dessert, - 11 couteaux à entremet, - 11 fourchettes à fruits à fourchon en vermeil, - 12 fourchettes à… - Aguttes - 08/04/2015 Aguttes
Paire de bougeoirs en bronze ciselé et doré
Paire de bougeoirs en bronze ciselé et doré, les binets à oves et les bobèches à rinceaux sur fond amati reposent sur des fûts à coquilles et enroulements; piédouches également à coquilles se détachant sur des fonds amatis. Epoque XVIIIème siècle. H: 21,5cm - diamètre: 14cm Aguttes
LANSKOY André Composition Fond Noir Lithographie sur papier SBD, 68,5 x 51,5 cm Tirage 37/100. Andrei Mikhaliovitch LANSKOY, né à Moscou en 1902 et mort en 1976, est un peintre français d'origine russe.… - Aguttes - 28/02/2008 Aguttes

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Maison de Ventes Aguttes
164 bis avenue Charles de Gaulle - 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Tel : 01 47 45 55 55 - Fax : 01 47 45 54 31
Maison de Ventes Aguttes
13, bis place Jules Ferry - 69 006 Lyon
Tel : 04 37 24 24 24 - Fax : 04 37 24 24 25