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Articles related to Excellences

Haute Horlogerie

Arm candy? Check. Prestigious name? Check. Faultlessly functional? Check.
The best in watch design is coming to an auction near you.


The Return of the Old Masters

Some of last year's auction records reminded us that old excellence is worth investing in. Works by Old Masters hasn’t always been the hottest market in recent years, however, with last year's earnings and future sales mapped, we predict a ‘new’ trend on the rise.


Snuff bottles, still up to snuff

During the Qing dynasty, the snuff bottle became a fashion and art in its own right. In the first half of the 18th century, an imperial workshop was even dedicated to making these items. To rephrase French writer Charles Baudelaire who suggested that the bottle didn’t matter so much as drunkenness, here, the opposite applied: drunkenness didn’t matter so much as the bottle…