From its founding, the Rossini auction house has been located at the very heart of Paris' fine arts trade and dealer district. Rossini organises more than sixty sales every year. The auctions are conducted its own auction room or at the closeby Hotel Drouot.

Rossini gives priority to specialised sales of: modern paintings, drawings, sculptures, gems and jewellery, silver, objects of vertu, costumes, textiles and accessories, stamp collections and postcards, books and manuscripts, coins and medals, tribal art, furniture, and Decorative arts. Because of its vast collection, over 40 catalogues are printed out every year and a calendar of upcoming sales is available from the website.

Rossini's team is made up of auctioneers, experienced colleagues and specialists who are available upon request for sale estimates, insurance, taxation, appraisals, inventories and other purposes.

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Genre d'Alexandre Gabriel DECAMPS
Genre d'Alexandre Gabriel DECAMPS Orientaux Fusain et crayon noir (lavé). 26 x 48 cm. - Rossini - 15/12/2009 Rossini
TATHAM Frederck
TATHAM Frederck, 1805-1878, Homme à son journal, janvier 1841 Aquarelle et rehauts de pastel à vue cintrée (insolation), signée et datée en bas à droite, 36x43 cm. - Rossini - 28/11/2014 Rossini
ARMURE complète
ARMURE complète. Cuirasse de type MOGAMI-DO en fer patiné, lacé en sugaké bleu. (Accidents au laçage). Casque de type HOSHI-BACHI en fer patiné à 16 lamelles. Intérieur laqué or et signé: MYOCHIN MUNE-MITSU… - Maigret (Thierry de) - 27/03/2013 Rossini
DARNEY Maurice (XXe siècle) Sujets divers Lot de 40 dessins à la mine de plomb, aquarelle, fusain, crayons, gouache, ainsi que deux huile sur cartons, tous signé ou portant cahet d'atelier au dos, format… - Rossini - 13/10/2015 Rossini
[Conciliorum] Tomus Decimus
[Conciliorum] Tomus Decimus, Ab anno CCCCLXXXIII ad annum DXX Plats de reliure aux Armes de France et de Louis II marquis d'Arpajon en écoinçons. Accidents importants, manques. - Rossini - 20/04/2017 Rossini
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