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The Auction House Cambi was established in 1998 after long experience in the businesses of fine art and auctions. In 2004, Cambi moved their headquarter premises to Castello MacKenzie, a stunning castle-like building designed by art nouveau architect Gino Coppedè. With the relocation to this building, Cambi grew as a company, developing a high quality showroom.

Cambi is characterized by their thematic special auctions, where the auctions are based on niche sectors from ancient carpets to scientific instruments, and everything in between. Bids are placed at the auctions held at the Cambi premises. Before every auction, the items can be viewed either in the auction catalogues, or in their showrooms.

Besides their auction catalogue, Cambi has their own magazine called Cambi Auction Magazine where Cambi informs their readers about current events in their own business as well as in the rest of the world of art and auctions. Cambi Auction Magazine is published 1-2 times per year.

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Venice: Hundreds of years of glass
Last year, Murano made a comeback.
Deities and design
Two exciting, albeit completely different auctions, will be taking place this month at Cambi Casa d'Aste. Furniture designed by masters of the 20th century will be held first followed by a sale which takes us to the fascinating world of art from the Far East.
A Venetian (and a rhino) in Genoa
What connects Genoa and Venice? Both were long-standing independent republics which operated very successfully sea trade. They, along with the duchy of Amalfi and Pisa, belonged in the Middle Ages to the four great sea republics of Italy, who were in fierce competition when it came to the pre-eminence of the Mediterranean region. Frequently, wars were waged against each other. Today, although the battles have long since ceased, antiques from this fascinating time can still be enjoyed.
…and sold! Murano glass breaks records
Cambi Casa d'Aste's sale in June featured a collection of timeless Murano glass, with some pieces of the Italian design breaking records.
Keith Haring, Lucio Fontana, Giorgio De Chirico and more 20th century greats hit market in Italy
This month, Italian auction house Cambi will host five auctions dedicated to works from the 20th century. 

Realised prices "Cambi Casa d'aste "

Lot 102 Anonimo Genuae, Joannis Baptistae Scionici, 1707Si aggiungono nel lotto: Genuensis Reipublicae Lege Anni 1576...Genuae, Iosephum Pavonem, 1617;Leges Novae Reipublicae Genuen...Genuae, Marcum Antonium Bellonum, 1576Legature in pergamena. Bruniture e gore Cambi Casa d'aste
Scuola del XIX secolo
Lot 1855 Scuola del XIX secolo olio su tela, cm 70x60 Cambi Casa d'aste
Cinque incisioni colorate raffiguranti volatili, Inghilterra XIX secolo
Lot 314 Cinque incisioni colorate raffiguranti volatili, Inghilterra XIX secolo, cm 28x19 Cambi Casa d'aste
Console in legno massello, Cina XX secolo
Lot 340 Console in legno massello, Cina XX secolo grembiule traforato ed intagliato, gambe riunite da traverse, cm 150x45x90 Cambi Casa d'aste
Scrittoio Direttorio in noce, XIX secolo
Lot 35 Scrittoio Direttorio in noce, XIX secolo alte gambe troncopiramidali, due cassetti nella fascia arricchita da perlinatura, piano in pelle, cm 107x44x70 Cambi Casa d'aste
Cambi Casa d'aste has 417 objects in the categories.

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