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Auctions open every Friday at noon and end on a specific evening of the following week. All items start off with a starting bid of €1. The auctions are curated by real auctioneers guaranteeing quality lots and attractive listings. Payments go via Catawiki making the sale extra secure. Catawiki operates worldwide with its services available in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

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The man with the golden Lego
Earlier this month, a new record was set for a piece of Lego. But this was no ordinary play thing...
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How 20th century photography created the celebrity
The invention of photography in the 19th century would later begin an obsession for instant news and images. Thanks - or not- to photography, the modern phenomenon of the celebrity grew.
The rise and fall (and rise again) of the great American car
The names Mustang, El Camino, Trans-AM and Firebird once ruled the roads and highways of America.
Britannia Ruled: The Brits who owned the American airwaves in the sixties
In 1963, The Beatles released their first U.S. single "Please Please Me." The following year, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" appeared on Billboard's Top Forty chart. On 7th February, 1964, The Beatles flew from London to New York City for a ten day trip. From John F. Kennedy airport to the streets of New York, Beatlemania was everywhere. And that was it - the Sixties belonged to Britain.

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Andy Warhol
The complete series (10 items) Marilyn Monroe - silkscreen print 'Bluegrass edition'\n the complete, unauthorised reprint by 'Bluegrass edition', therefore 10 items, Marilyn Monroe after Andy Warhol.On the reverse the blue stamps 'Bluegrass edition'. The silkscreen prints (therfore coloured layer by layer ) are printed on heavy paper (card) and are of an amazing quality.\n\nThe quality of these is better and more beautiful than the Sunday B. Morning editions. All silkscreen prints are of as new condition. These are simply 10 beautiful paintings.\n\nArtist: Andy Warhol (after)\nTitle: 'Bluegrass edition', Marilyn Monroe\nTechnique: Silkscreen print\nMaterial: heavy paper (card)\nSize of image: 83.5 by 83.5 cm\nTotal size: 83.5 by 83.5 cm\nCondition: Perfect, as new. Never unpacked, only for the photos.\n\nTherefore if you have always wanted to possess the complete series, or if you want an eye catcher on the wall and you want to regularly vary, then this a good opportunity to own this world famous series!\n\nSent registered delivery. Catawiki
Solid silver pin/brooch
sterling silver\n Beautiful solid silver pin/brooch.\nLength jewel: 9 cm\nWeight: 11 g\nOrigins: Scotland Catawiki
Porceleyne Fles - grote schotel met Hollands landschap
1933, Delft\n Een grote schotel van de Porceleyne Fles beschilderd met een Hollands landschap en verder met florale motieven in een diep donker blauwe kleur.\nDe diameter van deze schotel is 34.5 cm.\nDe schilder is J.D. van Velzen (dienstverband 1886-1938).\nJaarletters BC = 1933.\nUiteraard voorzien van lichte craquelé maar dat is normaal voor schotels van deze leeftijd.\nConditie is uitstekend.\n\n View translation Automatically translated. Turn off Catawiki
Verrekijker Horizon 7 x 35
In goede staat, met foudraal\n Horizon verrelijker 7 x 35 met Field van 6,5 gr.\nIs in goede staat, heeft weinig gebruikssporen en lensdoppen 2x 2 zijn aanwezig. Is inclusief foudraal voor de verrekijker.\n View translation Automatically translated. Turn off Catawiki
Fire Brigade - Topical collection of stamps and postal items
MNH, cancelled, MH, mostly without address\n Collection in three books, consists of fire brigade and fire brigade-related stamps and postal items. The images provide a good impression. All items have been depicted.\n\nRegistered shipping. Catawiki

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