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Little Nemo has been active since 1989 in Turin, Italy (very close to the National Museum of Cinema) and is specialized in:

- Original Arts from the Masters of Comics

- Vintage Italian comic books and original signed graphics related to comics

- Vintage movie magazines and posters

- Rare XXth Century illustrated books

- 1700-1950 illustrated children's books and related arts.

We are dealing in original comic art by the following authors:

- Italian comic artists such as: Altan, Sergio Tofano (Sto), Dino Battaglia, Massimiliano Frezzato, Cinzia Ghigliano, Benito Jacovitti, Magnus (Roberto Raviola), Hugo Pratt, Sergio Toppi, Ivo Milazzo, Stefano Babini, Roberto Baldazzini, Guido Crepax, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Lara Molinari, Milo Manara, Andrea Pazienza, Romano Scarpa, Leone Frollo and many others

- Cover artists such as Ferenc Pintér, Carlo Jacono, Karel Thole

- Argentinian comic artists such as: Juan Zanotto, Mandrafina, Solano Lopez.

- Syndicated Strips

- Bonelli Arts: Tex Willer (Fabio Civitelli, Fernando Fusco, Aurelio “Galep” Galleppini, Guglielmo Letteri, Giovanni Ticci); Dylan Dog (Bruno Brindisi, Corrado Roi, Angelo Stano); Nathan Never; Martin Mister; et. al.

- Disney Arts: Carl Barks, Franco Bruna, Giovan Battista Carpi, Marco Rota, Romano Scarpa.

Starting from 2006 Little Nemo Auction House holds periodical auctions mainly devoted to rare illustrated Liberty and Deco books and related illustrations; original cartoon drawings and cels; vintage comic books.

A special attention is focused on the great artists of comic-art, from the historical masters up the great artists (Battaglia, Bonvi, Crepax, Eisner, Ghigliano, Hampson, Jacovitti, Liberatore, Magnus, Manara, Micheluzzi, Pazienza, Pratt, Serpieri, Toppi...), new and emerging authors with names such as Baldazzini, Cazzato, Frezzato, Gipi, Zezelij.

Every auction holds also a section on the Italian Disney Masters, Usa and UK Superheroes, syndicated daily and Sunday strips, Diabolik and its authors, arts from the Bonelli factory (Dylan Dog, Tex...) and sexy pin-ups by Biffignandi, Ciriello, Frollo, Manara.

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Realised prices "Little Nemo "

Felt puppet produced by Lars in the 50s. Complete of its label. Very good condition. Little Nemo
GIOVAN BATTISTA CARPI Il paradiso degli alligatori
Original cover art for the book published in the collection "Avventure nella Natura". Mixed technique on thin cardboard. Little Nemo
Hugo Pratt - La favola di Venezia
Original art for the 1976 story. Pencil and ink on thin cardboard. Cm 48x16. Watercoloured on back. Little Nemo
Original cover art for "The Keepers of the Maser". Mixed technique on beige thin cardboard.Signed and dated 2008. Little Nemo
FRANCISCO SOLANO LOPEZ El Instituto - Ceremonia de ingreso
Art #5 of the second part of the graphic novel written by Barreiro. Pencil and ink on thin cardboard. Little Nemo
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