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Chiswick Auctions has weekly auctions every Tuesday of the year, except immediately around Christmas. Viewings are held on Sundays and Mondays.

Chiswick specialize in antiques but do sell modern objects and designer goods. Most of the objects sold have an exceeding value of 60 Pounds.

The saleroom is featured almost daily on television, with programmes such as Cash in the Attic, Dickinson’s Real Deal, Flog It!, and Bargain Hunt.  The frequent television coverage has already helped to make the auctioneers surprisingly well known public figures and considerably increased the public’s knowledge of the saleroom.

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An Interesting Antique Colonial Indian Silver beaker by Hamilton &
An Interesting Antique Colonial Indian Silver beaker by Hamilton & Co of Calcutta, c1875. Of tapering cylindrical form with presentation engraving around the top and bottom rims. "To Dr J T Elliot from W Butler in remembrance of the prompt & kind attendance on Capt J Butler when dying from the effects of a spear wound at the hands of the Tata Nagas 1876". Height 12cm / 4.75". Silver weight 333g / 10.7 troy oz. Note The expedition of Captain Butler in the Naga Hills is documented in Colonel R G Woodthorpe's 1875-6 tour diary, 'Report of the Survey Operations in the Naga Hills 1875-1876'. The then Lieutenant R G Woodthorpe received instruction in October 1875 from the Surveyor-General to join Capt J Butler in Golaghat as early in November as possible, so left Calcutta on the 3rd November to arrive in Golaghat on the 29th November where they found Capt Butler. On the 17th December Lt Woodhouse and Capt Butler left for Wokha, where they arrived on the 29th. During this journey, on the 25th December 1875, the explorers were ambushed by the Nagas, and Capt Butler was hit by one as Woodthorpe's diary recounts: "a spear, thrown from a point rather higher than the path, crossing him from the left, struck him, at a great angle, in the right breast, grazing the collar-bone and penetrating to the lungs, passing between the first and second true ribs. He drew out the spear, staggered back a few yards, and, fainting, fell heavily to the ground." After the conflict, the explorers re-camped and sent three constables back to Golaghat to bring up Capt Butler's brother and a European surgeon. Around 8:30am on the 31st December, Dr Elliot and Mr Walter Butler arrived in camp and the former pronounced that Capt Butler's state was much better than he could have expected, however the next morning this had deteriorated and the Captain was in a critical state. Capt Butler eventually died on the 7th January 1876, and his body was returned to Golaghat and buried there on the 9th January. Provenance The cup, presented to Dr J Elliot by Mr Walter Butler in gratitude for the treatment of his brother, Capt J Butler. Thence by descent, later acquired by a private collector. Chiswick Auctions
A pair of early 20th century gilt brass
A pair of early 20th century gilt brass girondelles, the pierced cresting in over and oval bevelled mirror with two light sconces, in the Renaissance Revival taste. Chiswick Auctions
Movie Posters.- In Cold Blood; The Day of the Jackal...
Movie Posters.- In Cold Blood; The Day of the Jackal; Billy Liar; The Saboteur; The Wages of Fear, original Australian daybill posters, colour lithograph, condition A-, all framed and glazed, 33 x 77 cm approx, c. 1960s (5) Chiswick Auctions
NO LOT. Chiswick Auctions
'Holy Virgin of Kazan', 19th Century Russian icon
'Holy Virgin of Kazan', 19th Century Russian icon, with St. Maria and St. Anne, 25 x 21cm. Chiswick Auctions
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