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AuctionFarm Estates is a Southern California auction company that was created by David Palley in 2003. They specializes in fine art, antiques
and collectibles from estates all over the world. Auction Farm consults with businesses and collectors and helps them to sell online.

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Manhattan Skyline Lithograph by Salvador Dali COA Frame
Signed & Numbered, 43" H x 36.5" W, JB180, K6W89 AuctionFarm Estates
Persian Silver unusual raised engraving & signed round
Circa 1940, weight 728g, dimensions 9" by 3" tall, K45W02 MB062 AuctionFarm Estates
Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase with Handles
Interior Scene with Blue Square vase depicted, on reverse calligraphy design, Chinese celebrity painting process porcelain vase, 20th C. Dimensions: 21" by 9.5" JCK17W95 AuctionFarm Estates
Nepalese Copper on Gold Plated Bajra Satoo
Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5", NL25, K2W77 AuctionFarm Estates
3 Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles Porcelain & Cloissone
dimensions: JCK AuctionFarm Estates
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AuctionFarm Estates
5900 Boxford Avenue, Commerce
Los Angeles, CA, 90040
Phone: (818) 481-3042