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Auction Services ltd. is a North American based professional management and liquidation Company, run by the auctioneer Jimmy Johnson together with an Auction Expert team. Auction Services ltd. is a leader and innovator when it comes to selling and buying real estate. Auction Services ltd. holds both the knowledge and skills that comes with more than twelve years experience in the auction business as well as experience in real estate investment and asset management. They specialize in auctions consisting of real estate, industrial machinery, business assets, and personal property.

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Household\nLot includes jewelry, harmonica, camera, watches, candle snuff, pie plate, lamp shade and vase Auction Services Ltd.
Stemware\nPair Of Matching Wine Glasses On Wood Coasters Auction Services Ltd.
Wheelrchair\nInvacara 2000 wheelchair Auction Services Ltd.
Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet\n#12 deep skillet with lid and 3 legs for campfire use Auction Services Ltd.
wood shelving
wood shelving\nWood shelving items wood boxes Auction Services Ltd.
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Auction Services Ltd.
1008 North Main
Anderson, SC 29621
Phone: (864) 231-2838