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1 Gold Key Comic - Jonny Quest
12c, Hanna Barbera, 1964 # 10139 - 412 Condition; some wear from age Barry S. Slosberg Inc
1379: Kosta Boda Satellite Bottle Vase
Kosta Boda Bertil Vallien designed 6 1/2" satellite bottle vase Barry S. Slosberg Inc
Dragon Models Action Figure & Diarama
Dragon Models Action Figure & Diarama, Tiger Ace Michael Wittman (1914-44), 3 1/2" action figure on tank turret diarama, with information on oval base, 1:18 scale Collectable 001, new in original box with clear plastic cover, 3 3/4" x 10 3/4" x 14 1/4" = box. CONDITION: Tear in clear plastic cover, upper right on back. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
2352: Peachblow Glass Child's Cup
Peachblow glass 2 1/2" child's cup w/applied clear glass handle. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
Decorator Chinese-Style Room-Size Carpet
Decorator Chinese-style machine made room-size carpet, dark/light blues, cream, light brown, pink dominant colors. 12' x 9'. CONDITION: Small and sporadic areas of light staining and soiling; pinks with fading. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
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