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Framed Engraving "Our 22 Presidents"
Framed Engraving "Our Twenty-two Presidents" from washington to Grover Cleveland, presented by The Publishers of the Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreal, copyright 1884 by Buek & Linder, NY, framed 31 1/2" x 22 1/2" Condition; some wear and staining, especially on edges, loss at top right, 2 tears at top Barry S. Slosberg Inc
1939 Tarzan German Movie Poster
1939 "Tarzan Finds A Son" German titled ("Tarzan und sein Sohn") 33' x 23 1/4" movie poster, 35' x 25 1/2" overall size mounted on poster board. CONDITION: Fold lines & minor wear. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
73: 1987 Annette Himstedt Bastian Doll
1987 Annette Himstedt Barefoot Children Series 26" hard vinyl Bastian doll with box. CONDITION: Very good with no damage, box has wear & tearing. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
Vintage Bevin "Boxing Ring" bell
Vintage Bevin "Boxing Ring" bell, mounted on wood, with a faded Everlast sticker below center of bell, Spring intact, bell hammer pivots well and bell rings Condition; black paint loss throughout edge of bell Barry S. Slosberg Inc
9 Beatles LPs
Lot of nine vintage Beatles LPs, including: "Meet The Beatles" (2) T2047, "Introducing The Beatles" Vee-Jay-LP1062, "Savage Young Beatles" Savage-BM69, "The Beatles Second Album" - Capitol - T2080, "something New" (2) Capitol-T2108, "Beatles VI" (2) Capitol - T2358. CONDITION: Good, fair - sleeves have wear. Records may have slight scratches. Barry S. Slosberg Inc
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