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The photographer of War: Robert Capa
June 27th marks a very special auction held by Be-Hold, which focuses its lens on stunning, groundbreaking photography. Barnebys zooms in on the work of the renowned photographer Robert Capa who covered two of the century’s major wars and thus became one of the 20th century’s most important photojournalists. Here are our top picks.
Literary treasures sold from Barnebys valuation service
Last week, Tamlyns of Somerset held their inaugural dedicated books and maps auction, which proved a roaring success. Amongst the works on paper was two treasures sent in to Barnebys valuation service.
Balls, boots, shirts and flags: Nearly 200 pieces of football memorabilia at auction
Just 6 days in to UEFA Euro 2016, and the games are proving as shocking and beautiful as ever, in true European football style. Iceland are proving to be the unlikely underdogs, the Republic of Ireland are back after only ever qualifying in 1988 and 2012 and we're just moments away from England's match with Wales.
Untranslated: Dan Rawlings at Curious Duke Gallery
East London's Curious Duke Gallery are currently showing Untranslated, the first UK solo show of Dan Rawlings' work. Rawling's mystical metalworks are a true mastery.
Happy 176th birthday to the Penny Black!
On 6th May in 1840, the Penny Black and Mulready Envelopes went into circulation, laying the foundation for today's modern postal service in the United Kingdom.

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As a labor organizer for black workers in Georgia, he was sentenced to 20 years in the chain gang. Public outcry led to his release in 1934. Here he is seen on tour in 1935, in a mock up of his prison cell. He was sentenced again, and finally released in 1937. Credit for United Press and original text slug attached. [3] Be-Hold
[ Portrait Images ] JEAN-LUC GODARD. By Wolfgang Kampz. 18in x 12in
[ Portrait Images ] JEAN-LUC GODARD. By Wolfgang Kampz. 18in x 12in Ektacolor print, 1990. One of 3 prints of this photograph, made by sandwiching 3 slide portraits of the film artist and a shot of a blank TV screen, and scratching on the slides. Inscription in gold on lower part of print: Jean-Luc Godard (zm 60. Geburtstag, Paris, 1990, by W. Kampz. Sold on behalf of amfAR. [4] Be-Hold
PAIR OF 1/9 PLATES IN GREEN VELVET OVAL CASE. The left image is of 2 girls. The woman in the right compartment may be the mother. [3]. [4-] Be-Hold
WWI, SCENES FROM THE WESTERN FRONT. Six graphic original official
WWI, SCENES FROM THE WESTERN FRONT. Six graphic original official British press photographs, sepia prints with agency stamps and attached caption labels. a) "Men in front lines wear sand bags on their feet not only because it keeps them warm but serves the double purpose of keeping their boots from slipping off the frozen duck- boards" (5 1/4in x 6.25in). b) "An officer in the front line giving instructions to a wiring party" (this and the rest are 5 7/8in x 7.5") c) "New Zealand Howitzer Battery Handing in Shells.") d) "Bombing parties drawing bombs from a bomb store in support trenches." e) "Troops drinking coffee at a Y.M.C.A. dug-out." f) "Sign for reclaiming material found in German trenches." For many Americans, films such as "All Quiet on the Western Front" gave us an image of this horrific war; actual photographs from the front are uncommon. [3] Be-Hold
ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ, "Gypsy Girl, Arles, 1979." 13 x 10 ½ -inch gelatin silver print on 15 ¼ x 20 -inch sheet, signed and dated on the verso. The girl has a captivating expression. A minute fold at the extreme lower right tip, in the margin. Illustrated in A Lifetime of Perception, p. 55. Be-Hold
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