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Belleek Cardium On Coral - 2nd Black
Belleek Cardium on Coral. Pink tint. Marked with black 2nd Mark (1891-1926). Hairlines to shell. 3 1/2" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Peters & Reed Velvet Matte Blue Vase - Mint
Peters & Reed Velvet Matte vase in blue. Unmarked. Mint. 4 5/8" tall. A small, vintage paper note accompanies the vase reading, "Bought at Allied Bazaar 1916. Given by a lady in Winchester." Belhorn Auction Services
Belleek Henshall Vase w/ Flowers - 3rd Black
Belleek flowered Henshall vase. Applied flowers in Mother Of Pearl lustre. Marked with black 3rd Mark (1926-1946). Small chip to base and part of one clover leaf is missing. 5 3/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Howard Pierce Glossy Cat Figurine - Mint
Howard Pierce cat figurine in gloss finish. Marked Howard Piece. Mint. 6 1/4" long by 4 1/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Brush Reclining Frog Planter & Ashtray
Brush reclining frog planter and ashtray. Ashtray is marked 042 while the planter is unmarked. Planter is mint. There is a bruise to the rim of the ashtray. 10" and 7" wide, respectively. Belhorn Auction Services
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