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Belleek Convolvulus Cup & Saucer - 1st Black
Belleek Convovulus ring-handle cup and saucer. Marked with black 1st Mark (1862-1890). Excellent condition with only very slight wear to the gold. 5" wide by 2 1/2" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Weller Claywood 3 1/2" Fish Bowl
Weller Claywood bowl with fish. Unmarked. Couple of minute nicks in the dark crown areas (typical). 3 1/2" wide by 2 1/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
The Encyclopedia Of Collectibles Incl. Belleek
The Encyclopedia Of Collectibles including Belleek. Very good condition. Belhorn Auction Services
Clewell 8 3/4" Copper Clad Vase - Mint
Clewell vase with patinated copper on a Weller blank. Signed Clewell 288-6-9. Mint. 8 3/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Roseville Water Lily 177-6" cornucopia and 663-4"
Roseville Water Lily 177-6" cornucopia and 663-4" jardiniere, both in pink and green. Both marked Roseville USA with respective shape numbers. Both mint. 6" and 4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
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