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Game, set, match!
It truly is British Summer Time when Wimbledon rolls around. Time to crack open the Pimm's and take a punnet of strawberries to Murray Mound.

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Theresa and Her Loving Does - Bronze and Ivory
L. Richeers extremely rare bronze and ivory sculpture. "Theresa and Her Loving Does". Base bearing the signature, carved ivory beautiful painted patina bronze, sits on a marble/onyx base. Some variations of marble and patina might occur. Circa 1926 Fine Art Online Auction
Print "Mourlot Press" by Joan Miro (175ZM)
Print "Mourlot Press" by Joan Miro (175ZM) signed, size approx. 12 x 10 in. Joan Miro, (04/20/1893 - 12/25/1973) Was Catalan Spanish Painter, Sculptor and ceramicist born in Barcelona. He has been a significant influence on late 20th-century art. Fine Art Online Auction
LJ 11 Lithograph-By Max Papart
Lithograph Papart (1911-1994), who was born in Marseilles, began his career as a landscape painter. His work evolved into abstraction, and he gained a reputation as the heir to classic cubism. Fine Art Online Auction
Framed Lithograph "Topaz" by Erte
Framed Lithograph "Topaz" by Erte, Out of thee book, Size Approx. 21 x 17 In. Fine Art Online Auction
Beautiful Yellow & White Sapphires SS Ring. (752L)
Beautiful Yellow & White Sapphires SS Ring. (752L) Gemstones twt approx. 10cts. Sterling Silver. Fine Art Online Auction
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