Herr Judit

Herr Judit was founded in 2005 and today the company has several stores in the Stockholm area. They also have a popular online shop where they can reach out to their vintage-conscious customers worldwide.

Herr Judit is a well-known Swedish company, which offers their clientele unique vintage items. They have also developed products in various design collaborations.

Herr Judit has a strong focus on quality and branded products. Two of the stores sell exclusively menswear, where only carefully selected second-hand, vintage and fashion products are available.

Herr Judits products mainly come from private people for whom they sell their items on commission. The founders of Herr Judit also travel around the world to find interesting and unique items that may contribute to a diverse and exciting range. For some time now they’ve also offered antique and vintage jewelry and certain other selected objects in their shop Brandstationen.

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