Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå

Dalarna Auktionsbyrå has conducted auctions for over 20 years, and is the leading auction house in Dalarna, Sweden. They carry out both online auctions and hammer auctions, with items such as antique and fine art objects, and also modern objects.

Dalarna Auktionsbyrå conducts auctions about 50-60 times each year, including monthly auctions, and the quality and special auctions. In the summer time, Dalarna Auktionsbyrå also conducts hammer auctions in Gagnef, Dalarna.

All Dalarnas Auktionsbyrås auctions are available on their website. Contact them for a free valuation.

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Fondness for folk art
I have said it before, but I'm very fond of folk. In my dreams I have that perfect house full of splendid murals, great fireplaces and lots of wonderful folk art.

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Parti 2 delar
Skrin 1800-tal, med nyckel. Senare bemålat. Syltkruka Höganäs 8L. Bruksslitage. Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
Beslag i järnsmide, 17/1800-tal
Rost. (Längsta längd 16) Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
Älghorn, monterat på träplatta
(L.63) Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
Tråg 3st, allmoge, 1800-tal
En med bomärke. Bl.a. med lagning. (Längd 58-66) Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
Textilier 6 delar
Handdukar i linne. Draperier i linne 2st, m.m. Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
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Dalarnas Auktionsbyrå
Häradsvägen 24,
784 72 Borlänge
T: 0243-23 67 90