Leclere was established in 2006 in Marseille France, it has become the first operator of public auctions in the arts for the South of France.
Leclere auction house presents about 40 sales, organised across ten departments including Contemporary Art, Old Master Paintings, Modern Art, Photography, Jewelry, Design, Art Deco, Asian Art, Books and Collections, Wine and spirits, Rugs ...

Beyond sales, LECLERE auction house is a cultural player. Located in the heart of Marseille in an old factory, the auction is also an open and lively place in which can interbreed artists, curators, collectors and amateurs. Regular exhibitions, lectures, artist residencies promote these meetings and exchanges.

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From Classicism to Suprematism: Art from Russia
‘Art Russie et Caucasien’ is the name of a forthcoming auction. And with a fine selection of Russian silver, icons, furniture and paintings, the name certainly lives up to its promise.
The Unusual in Design
Wonderful oddities are all the rage in a forthcoming Parisian auction.
Seven Exceptional Pieces
Seven works by Georges Mathieu, the father of lyrical abstraction, are up for auction.
Tubism, totems and sorcery at Leclere
This Friday, 1st June, you will have the chance to bid on some exclusive artworks by modern and contemporary artists at Leclere. Barnebys highlights three outstanding artists who have made significant impressions in art history.
Leclere Goes Totally Mid-Century Mod
On May 28th, 2018, Leclere Maison de Ventes presents “Éclectisme Parisien,” an auction of more than 300 stunning examples of Mid-Century home furnishings—from tables and chairs to sofas and lamps. Also included in the sale, which begins at 2:30 p.m., is a handsome selection of Mid-Century ceramics.

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Sociologie / Yonne
Sociologie / Yonne. Environ 10 cahiers manuscrits. Très bon état (1886/1889). Extrait des minutes du greffe du Tal civil d'Avalon. Arrêt de la C. A de Paris. Affaires Dame Melo. Veuve de M.Gallois et… - Leclere - Maison de ventes - 12/03/2010 Leclere
TROIS PLANCHES DE L'ALBUM «PARIS PHOTOGRAPHIQUE» Fontaine de la Place de la Concorde. 1853. Planche 13. Tirage sur papier salé de l'Imprimerie photographique Blanquart-Evrard, monté sur carton. Titre,… - Leclere - Maison de ventes - 05/06/2014 Leclere
LOUIS SCIARLI (1925) La Kermesse sur le toit de la Cité Radieuse, Marseille, c.1955. 3 tirages argentiques d'époque, tampons au dos. 22.5x18 cm. Provenance: Atelier du photographe Louis Sciarli. - Leclere - Maison de ventes - 30/04/2011 Leclere
Bague jonc en or jaune et or gris sertie de 15 rubis ovales et...
Bague jonc en or jaune et or gris sertie de 15 rubis ovales et petits diamants taillés en huit-huit. Poids brut : 6 g. TDD : 52 - Leclere - Maison de ventes - 27/06/2016 Leclere
PRADA Petit sac en agneau chocolat, deux anses porté épaule. Une poche zipée a l'intérieur. 3 compartiments dont un fermé par une fermeture scratchée. 24 x 26 cm. Bon état. - Leclere - Maison de ventes - 28/03/2017 Leclere
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