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Fine Art Auction is a Swedish auction house that is run by the Åsebring family. They have been in the arts trade since 1951. Today, they invest primarily in online auctions all year round, where they sell quality art objects, and also exclusive watches and jewellery. Fine Art Auction have a considerably longer display time for their objects than regular auctions, as well as bid time, namely up to 25 days.

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The merchants have taken over the art market, says TEFAF's Art Market Report
The big buzz at this year's TEFAF, Maastricht is the sensational numbers that describe the market distribution between trade and auction houses. What we are talking less about is the twenty billion missing in industry turnover since last year's report.
Axel Salto 'sprouting' and 'budding' vases
A fabulous example of Danish ceramic design was sent through the valuation service, in the form of this beautiful vase, very possibly by Axel Salto. Acclaimed and collected in his native country, Salto pieces have grown to become sought after auction items since his death in 1961.
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''I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows'' - Andy Warhol
Whether you share the same sentiments about Valentine's Day as Andy Warhol, or you're more of a romantic with all the best lines like Picasso, who once said ''Love is the greatest refreshment in life,'' there's no escaping all the hearts and flowers.
Halls & Bigwood Fine Art Auctioneers team up for Felix Dennis Estate sale
Two fine art auction houses have teamed up to take on the colossal task of bringing together the publisher Felix Dennis's possessions from his 12 homes around the world to be catalogued and sold in a giant 20 000 square foot marquee in Dorsington, near Stratford-upon-Avon from 29th September to 1st October.

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Robert Thegerström 1857-1919
"Fors"\nOlja på duk 54x65cm\nSign och daterad Gastein 1886\n\nFrakt med bussgods 600kr, packat och försäkrat. Fine Art Auction
Stefan W Igelström f. 1953
"Picknick på stranden"\nAkryl på japanskt papper, 106x70cm\nSign\nHandgjord ram\n\nFrakt med bussgods 800kr, packat och försäkrat. Fine Art Auction
Björn Gidstam f 1938
Smålansgård\nsign Björn Gidstam\n48x67cm\nAkvarell\n\nFrakt med bussgods 500kr, packat och försäkrat. Fine Art Auction
Oskar Hullgren (1869-1948)
Olja på duk 60x100cm\n”Sommardag vid Kalmarsund”\nSign 1930\n\nFrakt med bussgods 400kr, packat och försäkrat. Fine Art Auction
Frithjof Smith-Hald (1846-1903) Norge
Olja på duk 125x201cm\n”Vinterfiske”\nSign 1891\nGod Kondition, Uppfodrad duk, en mindre ramskada\nProveniens: Bukowskis Klassiska 2012\nTransport till ArtMove utlämningsställen i\nStockholm, Göteborg och Malmö 1.200kr Fine Art Auction
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