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St. John River Backwater
McLendon was one of the top "Highwaymen" painters. Copley Fine Art Auctions
Mallard Drake, Hiram "Hy" Hotze (1886-1977), Peoria, IL, c. 1930.
Mallard DrakeHiram "Hy" Hotze (1886-1977), Peoria, IL, c. 1930This hollow Illinois River mallard decoy displays all the aspects of the maker's master craftsmanship, including its original rigging. History reports that the inside of his decoys are signed and dated. As seen on this example Hotze'smost elaborate paint detailing is found on his mallard decoys. Originally collected in lieu of payment for medical services by an Illinois doctor, this decoy descended to his daughter, the spouse of JimFowler, noted zoologist and host of the Emmy Award-winning "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom." Copley Fine Art Auctions
Black Duck Decoy
From New Jersey Copley Fine Art Auctions
Miniature Preening Yellowlegs
A rare, six-inch-tall, well-executed miniature of one of the maker's most popular designs. This pattern has been emulated and copied by dozens of carvers over the course of the last century. While several dozen of his life-size carvings have come to light, it is believed that only a few of these more difficult to execute miniatures were ever produced by this master carver. The bottom is signed and dated in ink by the maker and bears his rectangular stamp. Copley Fine Art Auctions
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