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AAG is based in Amsterdam, at the heart of the Netherlands’ art and antiques business. the focal point for the international art trade and leading international auction houses. AAG's offices are open daily for information and valuations.

AAG deals in high-quality art, antiques, wines and collectables. Lots are organised according to type and price class, ensuring that each will be seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Moreover, each object consigned for sale is given maximum exposure in the catalogue.

Auctions are held twice a year in the categories Old Master Paintings, 19th and early 20th century paintings, Modern and Contemporary Art, Furniture, and Miscellaneous (ceramics, glass, silver, jewellery, etc.). AAG also hosts regular sales of fine wines.
Whenever possible, specialist auctions devoted to a particular theme, event or an important collection are held. Several sales of Indonesian and Indo-European art and crafts are held in Jakarta and/or Singapore each year.

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Karel Appel
Karel Appel\n(Amsterdam 1921 - Zurich 2006)\nRed cat\nSigned and dated 71 l.r.\nNumbered 67/100 l.l.\nColour lithograph, 65.8 x 91.5 cm (measured within the mount) AAG Art & Antiques Group
A pair of blue and white diabolo-shaped salts with waved rims
A pair of blue and white diabolo-shaped salts with waved rims\nKangxi\nAlong the rim and around the foot flowers and leaves.\nDiam. 10.2 cm\n(2x) AAG Art & Antiques Group
Jef Diederen
Jef Diederen\n(Heerlen 1920 - Amsterdam 2009)\nUntitled (diptich) (57x)\nEdition of 100\nAll signed, dated '96 and numbered\nAll colour lithograph, all approx. 76.2 x 57 cm\n(114x) AAG Art & Antiques Group
Arnout Colnot
Arnout Colnot\n(Amsterdam 1887 - Bergen (NH) 1983)\nWinter forest path\nSigned l.r.\nOil on canvas, 80.1 x 100.2 cm AAG Art & Antiques Group
A small chest with carved elephants in relief
A small chest with carved elephants in relief\nTibet/Nepal, Kyirong, Tibeto-Newar style, 18th/19th century\nA carved wooden chest with medallions with elephants and flowers with iron fittings,\nH. 18.2 x W. 35.1 x D. 14.2 cm\nProvenance:\nPrivate collection, Germany\nN.B.:\nThis style comes from Kyirong and is a combination of Nepalese and Tibetan traditions. AAG Art & Antiques Group
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