The firm was founded in 1707 by Emperor Joseph I and, with its history of more than 300 years, it is the oldest of the great auction houses of the world.

One of Vienna’s best-known institutions, the Dorotheum can be said to embody a part of Austrian history. Eighty years after its foundation as a pawnshop, the "Versatz- und Fragamt zu Wien", it moved into the premises of the former Dorothea Convent, whose name it still bears. The magnificent palace – the Palais Dorotheum, which eventually supplanted the old convent in the Dorotheergasse, was completed in 1901. The famous Ringstrasse architect Emil Ritter von Förster had supplied the designs for the new building in the Neo-Baroque style. The opening ceremony was attended by none less than Emperor Francis Joseph himself. Even then, the facilities met all the requirements of a major auction house in a truly excellent fashion; the spacious showrooms and salons became a favourite meeting place for the high society. Today the Palace continues to provide the perfect setting and an attractive ambience for the Dorotheum’s major international auctions.

Since autumn 2001, the Dorotheum has had private owners, who continue to conduct business with a great deal of personal commitment and a lot of enthusiasm for art.

It is the goal of the management to further expand Vienna as an auction venue and at the same time preserve the charm of this traditional institution. With an intensified client service, a young image, and the expansion of its excellent international contacts, the Dorotheum intends to preserve and further develop its interesting profile for art lovers and collectors. Key initiatives are being taken especially in the fields of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Gerhard Richter, Marc Chagall and more at auction
Check out our top picks from Dorotheum's sale this month.
Soon turned out had an art of glass
From 18th to 20th October, the Austrian house Dorotheum will hold four auctions: from Old masters through to19th century and jewellery. The fifth sale, which will be held on 20th October in Prague, caught our eye. The sale is entirely dedicated to art and glass sculptures, a contemporary art movement that remains widely unknown to the general public.
Barnebys curates: Fontana, Botero, Wesselmann and Richter
On 31st May, Fauvist, Cubist and Symbolist works from the first half of the 20th century will be going under the gavel in Vienna at Dorotheum. 
Outstanding Old Master works hit auction market
One April auction that here at Barnebys we are eager to see is the Old Master sale at Austria's Dorotheum, which includes works by Luca Giordano, Huybrecht Bueckeleers, Andrea Vaccaro, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Johann Georg Platzer, Hendrik van Balen and Jacopo de Sellaios.
Easter in Salzburg
An epic three day Easter sale will take part at Salzburg's Dorotheum from 22nd-24th, a most enchanting selection of Austrian furniture looks set to be the highlight.

Realised prices "Dorotheum "

Kropfkette um 19. Jh.
Silber ca. 750 fn, 10-reihig, vergoldete Schließe mit Imitationssteine, Länge ca. 34 cm, 104,6 g\n Experte: Heinrich Thurnhofer Dorotheum
Kipplaufbüche, HTL - Ferlach,
Kal.: 7 x 57R, Nr.: H3-27/75, Lauflänge: 672 mm, Gewicht: 3830 g, Französischer Stecher, Kolbenhalssicherung - im gesicherten Zustand ist ein in Silber eingelegtes 'S' und im entsicherten Zustand ein in Gold eingelegtes 'F' erkennbar, Kerstenverschluß, Auszieher, grau gebeizte Basküle, Züngelplatte, Vorderteil und Schnäpper sowie brünierter Abzugsbügel und Schlüssel mit umfangreichster und aufwendig ziselierter Rosetten-, Eichenlaub- und Tierstückgravur (in der Züngelplatte: Rothirschszene), im Abzugsbügel das erhaben in Silber eingelegte Monogramm 'GP', das Laufbündel mit Standvisier, Einhakmontage mit montiertem ZF 'Swarovski' HABICHT 6 x 42 NOVA, Abs.: 7A, der Schaft aus ausgesuchtem Nußwurzelholz mit Pistolengriff, Krawatte, Schuppenfischhaut, Bayerischer Backe, Schweinsrücken und Gummikappe, Riemenbügel, Schaftlänge: 363 mm, gebraucht, sehr guter Erhaltungszustand, der Schaft mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren, der lauf innen blank, die Stahlteile stellenweise leicht fleckig, reinigungsbedürftig (vor allem die ZF-Objektivlinse), Ferlacher Beschuß aus der ersten Hälfte der 1980er-JahreA+M\n Experte: Ing. Martin Kruschitz Dorotheum
Leuchtreklame, Kunststoff/Metall Österreich, 1960er Jahre Höhe: 91 cm / Breite: 71 cm / Tiefe: 17 cm funktionstüchtig (Z: 1-2)\n Experte: Gerhard Krusche Dorotheum
Poststück - Schweiz 1851/1856,
sechs Grenzrayon Poststück mit "R. L." (rayon limitrophe) Abstempelungen, (6 Poststück), F Specialist: Erich Kosicek Dorotheum
Porzellan, färbig staffiert Volkstedt Rudolstadt "Ens" Höhe 20 cm.\n Experte: Gerhard Jirak Dorotheum

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