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Prop Store began in 1998 when founder Stephen Lane’s love for movies led him to begin hunting for the same props and costumes that were used to create his favourite films.

Stephen found that he could not only provide collectors with access to their most coveted pieces, but also establish archival standards for this new, pop-culture hybrid of fine art and memorabilia collecting; prop art.

With a dream team assembled of like-minded movie fanatics, Prop Store set out like a band of movie archaeologists, looking to locate, research and preserve the treasure troves of important artifacts that hid in dark, sometimes forgotten corners all over the world.

Twelve years on Prop Store are thriving. With offices in London and Los Angeles and over 15,000 combined square feet of archived props and costumes, Prop Store have become the busiest and most trusted authority in the prop art world.

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JUPITER ASCENDING (2015) - Stinger Apini's (Sean Bean) Stunt Rifle
Stinger Apini's (Sean Bean) stunt rifle from the sci-fi adventure film Jupiter Ascending, directed by The Wachowskis. Apini used his weapon when Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) and Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) arrived at his residence seeking help and shelter. The weapon is constructed entirely from urethane rubber, painted metallic grey with black highlights to give an aged and used appearance. It has two barrels in an over/under configuration, and the body is detailed with assorted greeblies cast into the form to enhance the high-tech feel. It remains in very good condition. Dimensions: 61 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm (24" x8" x 2")This lot is supplied with a Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity in place of a Prop Store certificate. Payment plan on this item is restricted to a duration of one month. Please contact us for further information. Prop Store
Bella Swan?s Blue Plaid Shirt
Bella Swan?s blue plaid shirt from The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Bella wore her blue plaid shirt when she sent Alice another undeliverable email.The button-up shirt is made of blue cotton with a red and white plaid pattern. The neck tag is marked ?NM? in white ink. The costume piece shows minor wear but remains in good condition. Prop Store
A production binder from Robert Zemeckis' sci-fi films Back to the Future: Part II and Back to the Future: Part III. Issued to the assistant property master, 'Dangerous' Bob Widin, the binder contains the complete revised scripts, a shooting schedule, contact list and a storyboard sequence of "The Biff Tannen Story." Written by Bob Gale, the combined mimeographed typescript screenplays for films Back to the Future: Part II and Back to the Future: Part III feature the alternate production title, Paradox and contain revisions printed on coloured paper, inserted as the revisions occurred between 19 December 1988 through 21 February 1989. Each page has been stamped with "PAR 0075" to note who the script was issued to and to show handwritten notes throughout. Behind the script is a shooting schedule, a document outlining major revisions and new sequences and a 13- page contact list. Each page has been hole-punched and bound in the three-ring binder, with additional script revisions inserted into the back plastic sleeve. The binder includes a 35-page storyboard sequence outlining "The Biff Tannen Story" which Marty viewed on a television when he entered the Biff Tannen Museum in an alternate 1985. The production binder and documents show wear due to production use and age. The lot remains overall in very good condition. Dimensions: 28 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm (11" x 11 1/2" x 2 1/2") Prop Store
IS079 - Iron Sky - German School Girl's Costume
A complete girl's German school uniform costume worn in the production of the irreverent science fiction action-comedy, Iron Sky. In hiding on the dark side of the moon since the collapse of the Reich in 1945, the Germans have been biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike. Equipped with flying saucers, they launch from their mothership, heading out to reclaim Earth in the name of their Fuhrer! Offered exclusively through Blind Spot Pictures, this costume and others like it can be seen being worn by school girl's as they are indoctrinated with German propaganda in the classroom on the far side of the moon! The costume consists of an off-white short sleeved shirt with a triangular eagle badge on the left arm, black skirt, short grey socks, black neckerchief scarf with a woven brown leather ring, narrow black leather belt and black faux-leather pumps (European child's size 35).There is deliberate distressing to the costume, which would have been added for scenes after the Moon is attacked by Earth. This costume remains in very good production-used condition. Prop Store
Jacob Black’s Mentor Costume
Jacob Black’s mentorcostume from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2</i>. Jacob wore his sleeveless shirt with chinos as he talked to three young wolf tribe members about controlling their phasing. The shirt is made of black distressed cotton with a V-neck and wide armholes at the shoulders. The neck is marked ‘Hero’ in white ink. The chinos are made of green cotton and are cut short near the ankles. Several tears are cut into the lower portion of the legs. A wardrobe tag with character and scene notes is also included. The costume shows minor production wear but remains in good condition. Prop Store
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