Colasanti Casa d'aste

Colasanti Auction House is a auction house based in Rome founded in the 1960’s. They focus on objets d'art, furniture, paintings (ancient, modern and contemporary), silver, jewellery, oriental art, design and carpets. They sell and buy from private collectors and offer free services of expertise if you want any objects estimated. Colasanti hosts auctions every three months online, which enables people from all over the world to take part of the auctions.

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Italy's Colasanti Casa D´Aste takes the lead
There is a stir in the global auction market. The time has now come for Italian auction houses to reach beyond Italy's borders. Colasanti Casa D´Aste is one of the first Italian auction houses to join Barnebys.

Realised prices "Colasanti Casa d'aste "

Honorary title cross
Gilt silver with enamel decorations, figure-eight knot symbol on each arm of the cross, in the center a crown on blue ground, with box and original white and red colored ribbon, perfect conditions Colasanti Casa d'aste
Flemish School Colasanti Casa d'aste
TRITTICO IN PORCELLANA Francia vecchia manifattura
TRITTICO IN PORCELLANA Francia vecchia manifattura dipinto in policromia e parzialmente dorato decorato a motivo di putti, composto da un centrotavola ovale poggiante su quattro piedini e da due vasi a balaustro su basi squadrate Dim 24x37x24 cm. centrotavola; h. 42 cm. vasi Colasanti Casa d'aste
Venetian school
Pair of framed oil paintings Colasanti Casa d'aste
Giorgio de Chirico
"The rainbow", colour lithograph, copy 55/90, signed (lower right) and dry stamp seal "G. de C. / Giorgio de Chirico e Alberto Caprini Stampatore in Roma", framed Colasanti Casa d'aste
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Via Aurelia, 1249
00166 Roma
Phone: +39 06 66183260 - +39 06 3235193
Fax: +39 06 66183656