In 1986, Ron Dupuis established Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers Inc. in Toronto, specializing exclusively in fine jewellery. With over 80 % of market shared by value, Dupuis dominates the jewellery auction market in Canada. Dupuis' specialists provide auction estimates for jewellery under consideration for sale and every year Dupuis conducts two major international auctions.

When founding Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers, Ron Dupuis was determined to build his new business based upon his greatest strengths; accurate appraisals, an understanding of the jewellery industry, and a deep desire to serve the interest of the private consignors. Dupuis was thereby founded to serve buyers and sellers of estate jewellery from all around the world.

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Over 375 pieces of dazzling jewellery are to be auctioned later this month.
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