Founded by Master Bernard Oger in 2002, Oger-Blanchet has since established itself as a front-runner in the auction house industry. When Mr. Adrien Blanchet joined as partner he brought with him a dynamism that added to the longevity and promising future of Oger-Blanchet.

Oger-Blanchet organises between twenty and thirty public auctions a year. Whether ordinary, prestigious or specialised auctions, the sales meet a consistent standard of valuation which has helped to build Oger-Blanchet's reputation as a trusted and respected auction house.

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OBJETS D' ART "Profil masculin Bas-relief en plâtre encadré "...
OBJETS D' ART "Profil masculin Bas-relief en plâtre encadré " - Oger - Blanchet - 09/04/2013 Oger-Blanchet
CAMPAGNE DE RUSSIE 1812. Important manuscrit du lieutenant Danel. [Fin XIXe siècle]; 36 pages in-4°. Dans un cahier en mauvais état renforcé avec du ruban adhésif. Ex-libris de la bibliothèque N.N Touroveroff.… - Oger - Blanchet - 07/06/2017 Oger-Blanchet
CHARLES IV (1788-1808)
CHARLES IV (1788-1808). 8 Escudos en or 1799 SANTA FE (Colombie). 27,10 g. Son buste drapé à droite. R/ Écu couronné aux armes entouré de la toison d'or. Calicó & Trigo 114. Fr 51. TTB - Oger - Blanchet - 17/11/2017 Oger-Blanchet
Karel BOHACEK (1886-1928)
Karel BOHACEK (1886-1928) Deux baigneuses et un cheval Aquarelle et fusain, non signé. 10,5 x 12 cm Provenance: Collection Paul FAUCHER. - Oger - Blanchet - 02/12/2016 Oger-Blanchet
Jardinière en métal anglais - Oger - Blanchet - 22/03/2013
Jardinière en métal anglais - Oger - Blanchet - 22/03/2013 Oger-Blanchet
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