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Lehner Kunstauktionen is an auction house based in Vienna, Austria.
Their focus is on painting and graphic from Austrian artists of the 20th century and contemporary art as well as classic modernism.
They are always looking for high-quality art object for their auctions.
If you are interested to auction an art object you can send them photographs and descriptions of the object to info@lehnerkunstauktionen.at their experts will look at your object and contact you.

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Repainted Postcard (blue head). 1.12.1977
oil on canvas signed lower right. verso titled and dated 18.1 x 2.2 inch. framed Lehner Kunstauktionen
Jan Kazimierz. 1866
Besides self-portraits Marie Laurencin draws constantly women. alone and in groups. She is introduced by friends in the Bohème-scene in Paris where she meets painters like Pablo Picasso. George Braque and Henri Matisse. She experiments stylistically with cubism and fauvism. decomposes motifs to surfaces and plays with perspective and subjective colouring. Former drawings bespeak her extraordinary talent and a visionary view. (Sabine Weier) graphite on paper signed and dated lower right 4.3 x 1 inch. framed Lehner Kunstauktionen
Bar in New York; 2001
New York presents a turning point in the artistic work from Robert Hammerstiel. The artist suddenly views and interprets his works in a completely new way. He finds within the American Pop Art new points of reference and relatives. which he is missing in Austria. As if a light spot with colour filter was suddenly turned on his works. earthy colours are replaced by glaring colour tones and the still existing mystic of his works is countered by a refreshing colouring. I only know such a dramatic and irreversible change of style in advanced years from Christian Rohlf who was like Hammerstiel in old age open for new radical things. (Frederik Lehner) oil on canvas monogrammed lower right. dated verso 31.5 x 47.2 inch. Lehner Kunstauktionen
Untitled. 1978
In unmistakable handwriting Allesch-Alescha shows the coast of Torre del Greco. a southern Italian city. which is known for its coral jewelry. The sheet is damaged at the right edge. which does not interfere with the effect of the image. pastel on paper estate stamp verso 27.2 x 22.8 inch. Lehner Kunstauktionen
Landscape near Bad Tölz, 1922
oil on canvas, verso - dated and signed: Stay in Bad Tölz 1922, 20,1x27,8 inch, framed \n\nRefMod30418 Lehner Kunstauktionen
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