Lehner Kunstauktionen

Lehner Kunstauktionen is an auction house based in Vienna, Austria.
Their focus is on painting and graphic from Austrian artists of the 20th century and contemporary art as well as classic modernism.
They are always looking for high-quality art object for their auctions.
If you are interested to auction an art object you can send them photographs and descriptions of the object to info@lehnerkunstauktionen.at their experts will look at your object and contact you.

  • Austria

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Study from the Nude
pencil on paper 19,1 x 12,5 Lehner Kunstauktionen
Female Nude 12.5.84
red chalk on paper signed and dated lower left 19,5 x 16,9 Lehner Kunstauktionen
paper template print collage, , 8,7x5,8 inch, framed \n\nRefMod30418 Lehner Kunstauktionen
etching signed bottom right, numbered bottom left: 97/100 19,1 x 14,5 Verso: 10038568, 293970 ? 22/ Initials bottom right as watermark Lehner Kunstauktionen
Othello very Brutally, 1970
coloured linocut, signed and dated on the bottom right, dated on the bottom left, 25,5x19,6 inch, framed \n\nRefCon30418 Lehner Kunstauktionen
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