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Gianguan Auctions (also known as Hong Kong Auctions) specializes in Chinese and Asian arts and has a wide clientele from China and Asia. Established in Hong Kong in 2002, a New York office opened in 2004. Four times a year, auctions are held at the Lefcourt Building on New York's Madison Ave. Under the management of Mr. Kwong Lum, Gianguan has successfully sourced high-quality consignments that has resulted in record prices. Recently, Mr. Lum was appointed by Beijing's National Museum's Appraisal Centre as its chief consultant, an exceptional honour, which solidifies their reputation as experts in Chinese, antiques.

Gianguan Auctions Fine Chinese Art Auctions include an important selection of American Chinese private collections of traditional painting and calligraphy, bronzes, porcelain, jade and scholars items, dating from the Soong Dynasty to contemporary time with representations from each period.

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舊 田 黃 山 水 印 章 ( 天 涯 海 角 ) 款 Tianhuang Landscape Seal
舊田黃山水印章 (天涯海角)款Tianhuang Landscape Seal Gianguan Auctions
清 吕焕成 (1630 - 1705) 临流看青山 Lu Huancheng Qing Dynasty Scholars in the Mountains
清 吕焕成(1630 - 1705)临流看青山设色水墨纸本立轴款识:焕成写于西湖之泛中流钤印:(呂吉文)鉴藏印:载铨 (曾藏定府行有恆堂)于腾 (飞卿过眼)庞元济 (虚斋珍赏)Lu Huancheng Qing DynastyScholars in the MountainsHanging Scroll,Ink & Color on PaperInscribed and signed with one artist sealThree collectors’ seals Gianguan Auctions
清 乾隆 粉彩描金開光花卉引蝠歸堂獸耳轉心鼻煙壺 A Finely Painted Famille-Rose Gilt Reticulated Revolving Porcelain
清 乾隆 粉彩描金開光花卉引蝠歸堂獸耳轉心鼻煙壺(乾隆年製)四字雙行楷書款A Finely Painted Famille-Rose Gilt Reticulated Revolving Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Mock Beast RingsOf globular form with geometric friezes with bat and panels of floral motifs. The inside revolving bottle has flowers motifs.Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Four Character Mark and of the Period Gianguan Auctions
清 任頤(伯年) (1840 - 1896) 八哥杨柳 Ren Yi(Bonian) Qing Dynasty Mynah in Willow
清 任頤(伯年) (1840 - 1896) 八哥杨柳 设色水墨纸本立轴 1891 年作 款识: 辛卯春三月 山阴任颐伯年写 钤印:(任颐印)(颐颐草堂) Ren Yi (Bonian) Qing Dynasty Mynah in Willow Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper Dated 1891 Signed Ren Yi, Bonian, with two artist seals Gianguan Auctions
宋 定窑印花花卉纹盘 Song, A Molded Dingyao Floral Plate
宋 定窑印花花卉纹盘罔口圈足,边饰回纹一周,盘印花缠枝菊,纹饰圆润清晰,釉面润泽。Song, A Molded Dingyao Floral PlateResting on a small circular foot rim, crisply molded with floral blossoms, leaves and stems, a small floret at the center, all beneath a narrow key-fret border. Gianguan Auctions
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