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Gianguan Auctions (also known as Hong Kong Auctions) specializes in Chinese and Asian arts and has a wide clientele from China and Asia. Established in Hong Kong in 2002, a New York office opened in 2004. Four times a year, auctions are held at the Lefcourt Building on New York's Madison Ave. Under the management of Mr. Kwong Lum, Gianguan has successfully sourced high-quality consignments that has resulted in record prices. Recently, Mr. Lum was appointed by Beijing's National Museum's Appraisal Centre as its chief consultant, an exceptional honour, which solidifies their reputation as experts in Chinese, antiques.

Gianguan Auctions Fine Chinese Art Auctions include an important selection of American Chinese private collections of traditional painting and calligraphy, bronzes, porcelain, jade and scholars items, dating from the Soong Dynasty to contemporary time with representations from each period.

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A Jadeite Saddle Ring 翡翠玉指环
翡翠玉指环A Jadeite Saddle Ring Gianguan Auctions
清 乾隆 青花釉里红三菓(桃、石榴、佛手)纹盘 Qing, Blue and White with Copper-red ‘Fruit’ Plate
清 乾隆 青花釉里红三菓(桃、石榴、佛手)纹盘(大清乾隆年制)六字三行篆书款Qing, Blue and White with Copper-red ‘Fruit’ PlateThe deep rounded sides rising from a short foot, painted on the exterior with three detached fruiting branches of peach, pomegranate and citron, above a band of classic scroll encircling the foot. The base inscribed with reign mark.Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six character Mark and of the Period. Gianguan Auctions
翡翠玉叶白金镶钻挂饰 A Jadeite Leaf and Diamond Pendant
翡翠玉叶白金镶钻挂饰 附美国宝石学院GIA鉴定证书 No.2155866258A Jadeite Leaf and Diamond Pendant Mottled green with high translucency and double sided carvings.Accompanied by GIA Certificate No. 2155866258, dated 2014, stating that the pendant is jadeite jade of natural green color with no indication of impregnation. Gianguan Auctions
清 雍正 窯變釉四棱貫耳方瓶 A Very Fine Flambe-Glazed Vase, Fanghu
清 雍正 窯變釉四棱貫耳方瓶(雍正年製)四字篆書刻款A Very Fine Flambe-Glazed Vase, FanghuThe wide rectangular section tapering towards the quatrefoil mouth. Applied on the waisted neck with a pair of lug handles and supported on a conforming foot. Covered overall with a unctuous glaze of dark red tone with purple and lavender streaks running down the mouth rim.Qing Dynasty, YongzhengIncised Four Character Markand of the Period Gianguan Auctions
元 玉雕观音童子山水山子 Yuan, A Super Large Jade Boulder with Guanyin in Grotto
元 玉雕观音童子山水山子山子以整块玉料雕琢而成一座气势磅礴的高山, 局部留有沁色, 玉质温润细腻。此玉山依其形而琢, 画面以观音石窟为主, 山中松树苍劲, 随形而动, 雕出亭台楼阁。另一面雕古柏苍松景色。Yuan, A Super Large Jade Boulder with Guanyin in GrottoExquisitely carved in high relief with Guanyin sitting in enclave holding a large ruyi scepter, with an accolade set within a mountainous landscape, surrounded by pine trees and pavilions. The reverse with similar pine and rocky outcrop. The stone with amber inclusions. Gianguan Auctions
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