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Gianguan Auctions (also known as Hong Kong Auctions) specializes in Chinese and Asian arts and has a wide clientele from China and Asia. Established in Hong Kong in 2002, a New York office opened in 2004. Four times a year, auctions are held at the Lefcourt Building on New York's Madison Ave. Under the management of Mr. Kwong Lum, Gianguan has successfully sourced high-quality consignments that has resulted in record prices. Recently, Mr. Lum was appointed by Beijing's National Museum's Appraisal Centre as its chief consultant, an exceptional honour, which solidifies their reputation as experts in Chinese, antiques.

Gianguan Auctions Fine Chinese Art Auctions include an important selection of American Chinese private collections of traditional painting and calligraphy, bronzes, porcelain, jade and scholars items, dating from the Soong Dynasty to contemporary time with representations from each period.

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翡翠三足蟾蜍吉祥蜂巢掛飾一對 Two Jadeite Toad Ornament Carvings
翡翠三足蟾蜍吉祥蜂巢掛飾一對Two Jadeite Toad Ornament CarvingsEach three-legged toad carved on a brocade background to depict its leathery skin, and crouching on a beehive shaped rock as longevity signs. Gianguan Auctions
黃龍玉福壽如意佛手把玩Yellow Jade Carving of Ruyi Finger-Citron
黃龍玉福壽如意佛手把玩Yellow Jade Carving of Ruyi Finger-Citron Gianguan Auctions
清 乾隆 铜胎掐丝珐琅蓝彩描金万字地凸花桃蝠纹(福寿纹)蟠桃盒 Qing, A Large Cloisonne Enamel Peach-form Box and Cover
清 乾隆 铜胎掐丝珐琅蓝彩描金万字地凸花桃蝠纹(福寿纹)蟠桃盒通体以蓝色珐琅釉万字为地, 盒面掐饰蟠桃蝠纹, 纹样中填红、黄、绿等珐琅彩料。子母口, 盒子内壁身通饰雲蝠纹。Qing, A Large Cloisonne Enamel Peach-form Box and CoverHeavily cast in the form of a peach with rounded sides rising to a gilt-bronze bound rim, applied on the exterior with auspicious symbols of peach, bat and leaves in tones of red, pink, yellow, green and aubergine with Wan characters on turquoise background. The interiors with scrolling cloud and bats. The Wan symbol, together with peach and bats, convey the wish for wanfu youtong, ‘May you have ten thousand blessings’. The scrolling clouds dotting the basin are homophonous with yun, ‘fortune’, and together with bats relay the auspicious message of ‘May you have good fortune and blessing’. Gianguan Auctions
周 黃玉浮雕“皇后之璽”梯形璽 Zhou, Archaic Yellow Jade Pyramid-Form Seal
周 黃玉浮雕“皇后之璽”梯形璽 (皇后之璽)陽文篆書款 此玉璽是皇權的象徵。它是皇帝与皇后的專用之物,故稱“玉璽”。此枚梯形玉璽為商周時代的典型,其文字精緻,章法嚴謹, 玉質潤澤,為皇后之印信。 Zhou, Archaic Yellow Jade Pyramid-Form Seal The sides carved with geometric design. The base carved in intaglio, with four characters: Huánghòu Zhīxǐ, Seal of the Empress. Zhou Dynasty Gianguan Auctions
張大千 (1899 - 1983) 研經圖 Zhang Daqian Study Group
張大千 (1899 - 1983) 研經圖 設色水墨紙本立軸 1951 年作 款識:辛卯三月大千居士 張爰扵大風堂 鈐印:(大千)(張爰印)(大風堂) Zhang Daqian Study Group Hanging Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper Dated 1951 Inscribed and signed Zhang Yuan, with three artist seals Gianguan Auctions
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