Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo provides a service of expertise and permanent sales not only for Monaco and its region, but also Paris, Geneva, Brussels and Milan, with correspondences in Los Angeles, New York, Beirut and Singapore.

Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo relies on a large network of experts whose specialties are as varied as the ancient and modern paintings, sculpture, furniture and works of art, jewelry and watches, the design, wine, jewelry, fashion and vintage objects are. HMVC is meant to be accessible to everyone that wants confidential and free estimates, whether for selling, insurance or as part of an inventory.

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Fabulous Fabergé clock up for auction at HVMC with £90 000 estimate
The history of Fabergé is one of Europe's most fascinating tales from the world of art and craftsmanship. Next week, a beautiful Fabergé clock from St Petersburg, 1896, will be going up for sale at HVMC.
Lionel Messi's Audi R8 up for auction in Monaco
On Saturday 1st July 2017, Monaco's Yacht Club will play host to HVMC's sale of no less than 80 luxury cars and 40 motorcycles. The unmistakeable star of the sale is an Audi R8 which was previously owned by Barcelona F.C. star Lionel Messi.
Far East and Ancient Greece: 3 of the best
On 11th March, almost 300 archaeological objects will go under the hammer at Monte Carlo's HVMC.
Rousseau of the Jungle
Henri Julien Rousseau dit le Douanier may have never seen a jungle during his life, but he became quite the master of the wild.
Haute époque: A new interior design favourite
On 11th June, a collection of Haute époque decorative arts and pieces of furniture will be going under the hammer at Hotel des Monte Carlo (HVMC).

Realised prices "HVMC "

en or cisel et dcor d'mail blanc, s'ouvrant d'un ct sur une mine et de l'autre sur une plume.\nVers 1920.\nPoids : 21 g.\nAn enamel and 18K gold pen, circa 1920. HVMC
Lot 230
en or jaune et argent, orns d'une pierre de lune facette souligne de diamants.Poids : 11,9 g.A pair of diamond, moonstone, 18K gold and silver ear pendants. HVMC
Ecole Française du XVIIIème siècle
Huile sur toile de forme ovale\n70 x 60 cm HVMC
Lot 220
Christian DIOR\nManteau en martre blonde HVMC
Jules MOIGNIEZ (1835-1894)
Epreuve en bronze patine brune\nSign Moigniez\nLongueur 51 cm, hauteur : 26 cm HVMC
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