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For over 50 years MORAND Auction House has held auctions in the premises of Drouot in Paris.

The team of auctioneers, composed of Richard Morand & Ludovic Morand, assisted by Romain Revol, holds regular auctions in a variety of fields such as furniture, art objects, jewellery, wine and many others. You will also find many collectibles such as old postcards, philately, numismatics, old toys, aviation objects, etc.

MORAND Auction House inventories and estimates your artworks for free and with confidentiality.

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58 CARTES POSTALES SEINE ET MARNE : De T à Fin. Villes, qqs villages, qqs animations, qqs sites et qqs vues générales. Dont" Thomery-Restaurant de la Bonne Treille-Terrasse et Bosquet, Thorigny-Les Vallières-Carrière… - Morand - 28/09/2015 Morand & Morand
Maquette Bateau
Maquette Bateau - Morand - 19/11/2010 Morand & Morand
Antoine Guillaume MINARTZ (1873-1944) (attribué à)
Antoine Guillaume MINARTZ (1873-1944) (attribué à) Paysage et rivière Aquarelle non signée. 28 x 38 cm - Morand - 04/04/2014 Morand & Morand
MARTEAU (P.). Le tarot de Marseille. Paris, Arts et Métiers graphiques, 1949, in-8, demi-rel chag. fauve, dos à nerfs. Avec de nombreuses illustrations en couleurs. - WIRTH (O.). Introduction à l'étude… - Morand - 10/05/2016 Morand & Morand
Raymond PAGES (5). Ensemble de 5 affiches Air France comprenant: Allemagne, Asie, URSS, Israël, Egypte - Morand - 02/06/2012 Morand & Morand

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3 rue Ernest Renan
75015 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 56 91 96