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Zuydwal Veilingen, located near Amsterdam, and deals in fine art including paintings, bronzes, silver objects, porcelain and design.

Margriet van Seumeren started her own auction house in 2001. Auctions are organised twice a year.

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Go Dutch! Impressive art this month from Zuydwal Veilingen
Dutch auction house Zuydwal Veilingen will this month be offering a grand collection of art works in their upcoming sale.

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P.J.C. Gabriël (1828-1903) - Knotwilgen bij een sloot
P.J.C. Gabriël (1828-1903) \n\nKnotwilgen bij een sloot \n\nzwart krijt \n\n27,5 x 38 cm \n\ngemon. r.o. Zuydwal Veilingen
Knip, Willem (1883-1967) - Haven van Camogli
Haven van Camogli <br> pastel <br> 35 x 39 cm <br> ges. Zuydwal Veilingen
Burger, (Oostenrijk 1903-1995)
Burger, (Oostenrijk 1903-1995), Standing nude woman, Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, signed Zuydwal Veilingen
Akkeringa J.E.H. (1861-1942) A farm with goats
Akkeringa J.E.H. (1861-1942) A farm with goats signed lower left Zuydwal Veilingen
Unknown Germany Townview (3)
Unknown Germany Townview (3) Herewith two more etchings of the same artist Zuydwal Veilingen
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Zuydwal Veilingen
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Email: info@zuydwalveilingen.nl
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