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Japanese Gallery is an international online gallery that focuses on Japanese Art & Antiques. With locations in both London and Hiroshima, Japanese Gallery boasts a broad variety of artworks including ceramics, netsuke, ukiyoe, prints, and anime cels. Japanese Gallery also provides advisory and authentication services.

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No.68 Shisaku in Iki Province

This print elevates the viewer, showing a sprawling snow-covered coastline. The icy blue winter sea and a dark grey sky beautifully contrast with a multitude of falling snow flakes and white hills. In the bottom left corner of this print, several rooftops are peeking out from behind the hill in the foreground. Contrary to the very serene and idyllic atmosphere, some of the landscape shown in this print has a rather dark history. What we see is the small village of Shima at the very bottom on the left and the Kitamatsuura peninsula in Eastern Kyushu (Nagasaki prefecture) in the middle ground, behind which the Island of Iki is visible on the horizon. The latter was the place, to which criminals and political prisoners were exiled during the Edo period (1603 – 1868). For many of them, the exile was a death sentence, as the harsh weather conditions and the cold were very hard to survive.This print is part of Hiroshige Ando’s famous series, titled “Famous Views of The Sixty-odd Provinces”. Hiroshige’s personal history is somewhat different from that of other Ukiyo-e masters of his time in that, as part of a lords’ following, he had the opportunity to travel the land and reference the actual landscape. The strict restriction on travel during the Edo-period, meant that other artists had to entirely rely on tales, as well as their vivid imagination, to produce landscape-themed prints.Read more

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