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Ted Owen & Co specialises in Entertainment and Music collectables. With over 40 years of experience, they offer bespoke client services, including auctions and appraisal of unique memorabilia.

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Marilyn Monroe Transparency/With Copyright.
Marilyn Monroe Transparency/With Copyright.\nA beautiful black and white press negative transparency. Circa mid 1950’s promotional studio shot\nD. 12 x 15” Ted Owen & Co.
The Art of Tron, Original Artwork/Storyboard Board 2
The Art of Tron, Board 2, illustrating the development and artwork used in the cult movie TRON.\nThis board Includes work from French Artist Jean "Moebius"Giraud, character designer .Contains original ink precision sketches. Includes original Moebius style suggestions for Four characters in the motion picture TRON\nDimensions 102cmx82cm Ted Owen & Co.
Promotional Photographs Collection
Promotional Photographs A large collection of press stills approximately 150\nComplete set of 10 black and white promotional photographs for- The Great Locomotive Chase, with 18 B&W miscellaneous promotional stills for- The Bear Foot Detective, The Boat Nicks, Stephanie Powers, Scandalous John, Swiss Family Robinson, Kidnapped & SmokeThe vast majority of this lot are from the cartoon Robin Hood Ted Owen & Co.
Stevie Nicks.
4 original backstage dressing room signs from the Stevie Nicks tour in 2010. Noting- Dressing Room/Bands/Singers/Production.\n8” x 10” Laminated boards Ted Owen & Co.
Rick James Handritten Lyrics for 'Super Freak' Signed
Rick James A page of handwritten lyrics in Rick James' hand for the hit single Super Freak, 1981, the 28 lines written in pencil on a single sheet of paper, the lyrics representing the original wording to the song before some words were changed to be more acceptable for radio play, including when she's inbetween two sheets which was later changed to she will never let your spirits down for the released version of the song and when she takes me to the bedroom in the night time which was changed to when I make my move to her room it's the right time; accompanied by a document concerning the provenance Ted Owen & Co.
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