Grev Wedels Plass Auksjoner

Grev Wedel Plass Auksjoner was established in 1992 and are in general focused on art. They specialize in Edvard Munch and Norwegian art between 1800 and 1900 centuries in the higher price ranges. Annually, an international Munch Auction is held, as well as classic and contemporary auctions.

Grev Wedels Plass Auksjoner provides a small professional staff with more than twenty years of experience within the industry. The focus is on high quality, personal service and low costs for customers.

For those who do not want to sell their art through a traditional auction, Grev Wedel Plass Kunsthandel convey fine paintings directly to the buyer.

Proximity to the market provides Grev Wedel Plass Auksjoner the best possible position for the sale of valuable art and in connection with the valuation advice about selling is given.

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