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Ever since Sala Retiro's founding in 1992, Sala Retiro has been one of the most prominent sale rooms in Spain, with an exceptional location in the heart of Madrid.

Sala Retiro specializes in art, jewellery and antiques and is well renowned to their clients and partners for their prestige. They holds bi-monthly club auctions as well as regular online auctions.

Sala Retiro’s experts offers, besides auctions, valuations, private and direct sales as well as other added value services within the market. Visit their stunning premises and experience their international club auctions or go online and bid on their many valuables offered.

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Artist Spotlight: Alfonso Fraile
On 19th October, the Spanish auction house Sala Retiro will sell works of art as well as design by Rafael Garcia. 16 works by artist Alfonso Fraile will also feature in the sale.

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FERNANDO DE MAUBAN (Escuela española contemporánea) - Marineros
Acrílico sobre lienzo de 73 x 60 cm. Firmado y fechado en 08. Sala Retiro
Cruz latina realizada en crisoprasa con remates de oro. Sala Retiro
Realizado en metal dorado lacado en color azul. Firma: CARTIER. Nº1D20668. (Deteriorado). Sala Retiro
De una vuelta, realizado en plata matizada en su color,y perlas cultivadas calibradas en 10 mm. Sala Retiro
De tres vueltas formado por cuentas de coral calibradas en 5 mm. Cierre de oro. Sala Retiro
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Sala Retiro
Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 3 y 5, 28009 - Madrid
Teléfonos de contacto: 91 435 35 37