Hallands Auktionsverk

Hallands Auktionsverk AB was formerly part of the Crafoord Auktioner sphere in Halmstad. Since October 2001, Martin Laurell runs the company. Martin Laurell also started Halmstad office with his capacity as manager of the Crafoord Auktioner in 1999th.
Martin Laurell has studied economics at Lund University in addition to art history and history knowledge, among other things, and also has a long and solid sales habit. Laurell was head of Bukowskis in southern Sweden during the mid 1980s, and he has also been manager at Ellekilde Auction in London and manager at Crafoord Auctions, both in Sweden and in Denmark.
The long experience in the auction business with combination of modern internet technology allows customers to be sure to get a maximum exposure of their antique, which is also reflected in good sales. Auctions are held monthly.

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