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Ansorena started as a jeweler’s workshop, which was founded in 1845. Ansorena then held its first auction in 1974 after the company relocated to Calle Alcalá 52––Madrid's most emblematic street, near some of Madrid’s most important museums. Ansorena offers a wide range of fine art and antique objects such as paintings from various time periods, jewels, carpets, and furniture. Their team of experts also performs valuations.

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Spain's greatest artists of 21st century hit auction market

Since 1845, auction house Ansorena has been one of Spain's leading jewellery specialists. In 1974, the house began to host art auctions, by 1986 contemporary art sales were added to their sales calendar. We've selected a few favourites from their auction on 20th and 21st July.

Works of Art

From Madrid, La Laguna, Barcelona to Paris

From Hemingway to Picasso, Fitzgerald and Dali, the sleeping beauty that is Paris has seen creatives flutter to the city. Since the early 1920s, thanks to Gertrude Stein championing mavericks of the arts in her Paris salon, the city has continued to be a home for artists.

Works of Art