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Original Poster Barcelona is a Spanish auction house located in Barcelona. This is the first Spanish auction house specialized on Vintage Posters, They have the past 20 years been selling posters from the end of the19th century, their posters are ranging from different topics such as Art, Advertisement, Decorative, Travel, Political campaigns, War, Cinema,

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We are today launching Barnebys.es. From day one Barnebys vision was crystal clear; allow both new and experienced auction buyers to easily find new items at auction houses around the world. The time has now come for Spain!

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MELCHOR FONT MONTELLS Camprodón. Concurso internacional de tennis - Copa Pirineos
Lithograph poster promoting a tennis championship held in the Pyrenees. This design is so elegant that the tennis player seems to dance. Printed by Graf. Bobes, linen backed, A condition. Dimensions in inches: 34.3 x 29.5''. Original Poster Barcelona
RAFAEL DE PENAGOS Espagne (Avila) - Hiver ou été? Printemps ou automne? Toutes les saisons sont bonnes
Lithograph poster for the French public, commissioned by the Spanish Tourist Board (P.N.T - Patronato Turismo Nacional), showing the famous Walls of Avila. It reads: ?Winter or summer? Spring or fall? Every season is good to visit Spain?. Printed by Graf. Reunidas, linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 41.7 x 26.7''. Original Poster Barcelona
JEAN VAN NOTEN Belgian Congo
Colourful tourism poster commissioned by the Tourist bureau for the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi. Printed in lithography by O. de Rycker, linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 37.8 x 24.8''. Original Poster Barcelona
ANTONIO MOLINÉ Îles Canaries - Jardin au délicieux climat. Île de calme et de repos
Rare travel poster promoting Canary Islands to the French public. Printed by Graf. Gijón. Offset on paper, linen backed, B condition. Dimensions in inches: 27.2 x 41.7''. Original Poster Barcelona
FEDERICO RIBAS MONTENEGRO Besucht Spanien - Barcelona die Weltstadt am Mittelmeer
Great lithograph poster featuring the iconic Sagrada Familia and a plane flying over Barcelona. Commissioned by Spanish Tourist Board, it promotes Gaudi's city to the German market (it reads: "Visit Spain - Barcelona: the Metropolis on the Mediterranean"). Printed by Talleres Voluntad, B condition, linen backed. Dimensions in inches: 43,3 x 29,9''. Original Poster Barcelona
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