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Original Poster Barcelona is a Spanish auction house located in Barcelona. This is the first Spanish auction house specialized on Vintage Posters, They have the past 20 years been selling posters from the end of the19th century, their posters are ranging from different topics such as Art, Advertisement, Decorative, Travel, Political campaigns, War, Cinema,

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JOSEP MORELL Campionat de tenis per equips de les comarques de Girona
Lithographic poster advertising a tennis tournament held in Girona. Linen backed, A+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 19.3 x 12.6''. Original Poster Barcelona
GASPAR CAMPS Papel de fumar Job
Another of the legendary Job posters, with its traditional style: a fashionable femme fatale holds a cigarette with a sensual attitude. Lithograph poster printed on cardboard by Sirvent, A+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 16.9 x 12.2''. Original Poster Barcelona
JOSEP BARRENECHEA Canada Circus. Una super fantasía circense
Lithograph poster advertising a travelling show of a circus company normally based at the legendary “Winter Circus” of Paris. Printed by G.O. S. Martinez, linen backed, A+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 19.7 x 13.4''. Cartel promocionando un espectáculo itinerante de una compañía circense instalada normalmente en el legendario Circo de Invierno de Paris. Impreso en litografía por G.O.S. Martinez. Entelado, conservación A+. Original Poster Barcelona
Iberia. Lineas aereas españolas
Lithograph poster advertising Iberia flights within Europe and the world. Printed by Editorial Pueris, linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 38.2 x 26.8''. Original Poster Barcelona
VINCENT GUERRA Afrique occidental
Just after the end of the war, France had to provide airline service to its colonies. A new type of poster appeared, promoting tourist attractions. The airline drew on mythology and highlighted the clash of cultures: pagodas and riverboats, in contrast to the modernity and mechanics of the airplane. A recurring design incorporated the airplane, underscoring the opposition between travel geared for the future and the immutability of these countries. The Africa that Air France flew over was an eternal land of folklore. The posters were parables echoing the relationship of now-dated colonial thought: modernity versus secular tradition. Lithograph poster printed by Alépée & Cie, linen backed, A condition. Dimensions in inches: 19.3 x 12.2''. Original Poster Barcelona
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