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Original Poster Barcelona is a Spanish auction house located in Barcelona. This is the first Spanish auction house specialized on Vintage Posters, They have the past 20 years been selling posters from the end of the19th century, their posters are ranging from different topics such as Art, Advertisement, Decorative, Travel, Political campaigns, War, Cinema,

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Small format poster from Civil War times, promoting education for everyone. Commissioned by the anarchist and the socialist trade unions Confederació Nacional del Treball, Sindicatos Únicos de la Enseñanza, Federación Regional Levantina, Unión General de Trabajadores de España. Printed in lithography by ?Ortega-intervenido U.G.T.-C.N.T?, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 14.6 x 9.8''. Original Poster Barcelona
Garçon! Un Coca des Incas - Le meilleur apéritif
Elegant design depicting a gentleman seated in a bar asking for... a yummy cocaine drink! An interesting poster noting the historical acceptance of cocaine, even as an ingredient in many popular ?tonics? of the day. Printed in lithograph by Revechon, linen backed, A+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 57 x 42.1''. Original Poster Barcelona
TONY-GEORGE ROUX Font-Romeu - Station climatique ouverte toute l'année - Sports d'Hiver
Another lithographic poster promoting Font-Romeu, the oldest ski resort in the Pyrenees as well as one of the oldest in France; due to its mild weather, it is a suitable destination for the whole year. Commissioned by French railways, printed by Serre & Cie, linen backed, A condition. Dimensions in inches: 39.4 x 29.9''. Original Poster Barcelona
HENRI GRAY Affiches Pichot
Large format commissioned by ?Imprimeries Pichot?, in order to promote their printing services. The design is an Art Nouveau angel winged woman. Rare lithograph poster, linen backed, A condition. Dimensions in inches: 86.6 x 55.9''. Original Poster Barcelona
STANLEY CHARLES ROOWLES Pneu Vélo Michelin - Le meilleur. Le moins cher
Bibendum, commonly referred to as the ?Michelin Man?, is the symbol of the Michelin tire company. Conceived in 1894 by the illustrator O'Galop, Bibendum is one of the world's oldest trademarks. This posters shows one of the handful of times that Bibendum has been spotted riding a bike (appropriately enough, since this poster promotes Michelin bicycle tires). The slogan reads: ?Michelin bicycle tires - The best. The cheapest.? Printed in lithography by Chaix, linen backed, B condition. Dimensions in inches: 48 x 30.7''. Original Poster Barcelona
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