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Original Poster Barcelona is a Spanish auction house located in Barcelona. This is the first Spanish auction house specialized on Vintage Posters, They have the past 20 years been selling posters from the end of the19th century, their posters are ranging from different topics such as Art, Advertisement, Decorative, Travel, Political campaigns, War, Cinema,

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We are today launching Barnebys.es. From day one Barnebys vision was crystal clear; allow both new and experienced auction buyers to easily find new items at auction houses around the world. The time has now come for Spain!

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ÁNGEL LIZCANO La Nueva Lidia - à la France! - Miguel Cervantes-Victor Hugo
Lithograph poster promoting the introduction of bullfighting shows in France. The use of the image of Victor Hugo for this purpose is quite strange, as the writer was adverse to bullfighting. Printed by Lit. M. Fernandez, linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 20.9 x 28.7''. Cartel que promociona la introducción de espectáculos taurinos en Francia. Es osado que se utilice la imagen de Victor Hugo para este fin dado que el escritor francés era contrario a las corridas de toros. Impreso en litografía por Lit. M. Fernandez. Entelado, conservación B+. Original Poster Barcelona
CÂNDIDO ARAGONEZ DE FARIA Luczona dans son répertoire
Charming lithograph poster from the late 19th century, promoting the show of a café-chantant performer. Printed by Imp. Delanchy & Cie, linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 32.3 x 24''. Fascinante cartel de finales del siglo XIX promocionando el espectáculo de un artista de café-concert. Impreso en litografía por Imp. Delanchy & Cie. Entelado, conservación B+. Original Poster Barcelona
PASCUAL CAPUZ Exposición internacional de Barcelona 1929 - Grandes festivales deportivos
Rare Art Deco poster advertising the 1929 Universal Exposition in Barcelona. As a sort of ?dry run? for the 1992 Summer Olympics, the exposition called for a great deal of urban development within the city (it required the urban planning of Montjuïc and its adjacent areas and the renovation of public spaces, principally Plaça d'Espanya) and became a testing-ground for the new architectural styles developed in the early 20th century. At a local level, this meant the consolidation of Noucentisme, a classical style that replaced the ?modernisme? (Art Nouveau). The Exposition also allowed for the erection of several emblematic buildings and structures, including the Palau Nacional de Catalunya, the Font màgica de Montjuïc and the Poble Espanyol. Lithograph poster in A condition. linen backed. Dimensions in inches: 40.16 x 27.96''. Original Poster Barcelona
JOSEP MORELL Playas de Levante
Once again, Morell offers us an evocative image: the blue sea, a typical house and a couple wearing traditional costumes. Commissioned by the general directorate of tourism (Dirección General de Turismo), printed in lithography by I. G. Piulats, linen backed, A+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 39.4 x 27.5''. Original Poster Barcelona
Lithograph circus poster from the mid 1950's. Linen backed, B+ condition. Dimensions in inches: 18.9 x 13.4''. Cartel de circo de mediados de los años 50. Impreso en litografía. Entelado, conservación B+. Original Poster Barcelona
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