Halmstads Auktionskammare

Halmstads Auktionskammare was established in 1848 and is one of Sweden's oldest auction house. Halmstads Auktionskammare has extensive experience in the auction business and conducts regular auctions throughout the year. The business is based on good cooperation between the auction house and the clients, as well as individuals and also legal office and funeral homes, museums, banking and insurance companies.

At Hamlstads Auktionskammare buyers find what they are looking for including furniture, paintings, prints, porcelain, glass, carpets, jewelery, crystal chandeliers and more from the 1600s until the 1900s cool design.

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MATBORD, art deco, 1900-tal.
Ca. längden 134-182 cm, bred 80 cm, höjd 76,5 cm.\nSkiva,1 st 48 cm. Halmstads Auktionskammare
Figuriner Kina 7 st
18-25 cm Halmstads Auktionskammare
Sadelgjord. Halmstads Auktionskammare
TEKOPP MED FAT, Fiesta, Arabia, Ulla Procopé.
Tekopp, med fat, 1 st, modell Fiesta av Ulla Procopé, slutet av 1960-talet, Arabia Finland. Halmstads Auktionskammare
Besatt med flera små halvpärlor samt 1 mindre gammalslipad diamant.Bredd 40 mm. Vikt 3,6 gram. Halmstads Auktionskammare
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Halmstads Auktionskammare
Verkstadsgatan 2

302 60 Halmstad 

M:0705-19 50 23

T:035-12 53 23