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Stevens No. 41 Tip-Up Derringer Pistol c 1864-1916

Stevens No. 41 Tip-Up derringer single shot pistol, serial number 23758. These distinctive .22 caliber “hide-out” pistols were made from 1864-1916. They found favor with anyone feeling the need for a small, easily concealable handgun. Often they were chosen as “back-up” firearms that could be easily carried and pulled into use should a primary, larger weapon become unserviceable or taken away. With its 3 ½” barrel, overall length of only 6 ½ inches and weight of merely a few ounces, the Stevens No. 41 derringer could be carried in any number of places by both male or female owners without feeling encumbered with a heavy weapon. This pistol is a later example, being manufactured just after the turn of the last century. The half-octagon barrel retains thinning original blue that has aged nicely with no evidence of cleaning or abuse. The entire frame and grip straps are factory nickel plated giving this pistol an attractive two-tone fancy appearance. The walnut grips fit perfectly and are in superb condition. The barrel to frame fit is extremely tight with no looseness or play. Additionally, the hammer spring is strong and the safety notch or “half-cock” holds solidly- many of these are worn and loose in these areas. The barrel top is clearly marked J STEVENS A & T CO. over CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. U.S.A. A uniquely American derringer pistol from a time when it was common for men and women on both sides of the law to carry a small and light derringer pistol as an ordinary part of their daily apparel. This is a fine example of a scarce and historical weapon.Read more

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WWII Nazi Achtung Skull & Bones Porcelain Sign
This is a World War II Nazi Germany original porcelain enamel sign. The sign shows the iconic Skull and Crossed Bones and below marked, "Achtung" (meaning attention or warning in German). The sign shows a red background with black lettering, border, and skull/bones. The back is marked in enamel with a large Third Reich Nazi Eagle holding a wreath with the Swastika in the center. Rare Sign. These were recovered from war torn Poland. Slight loss to porcelain around mounting holes, but overall a great sign. Measures 4 3/8"x5 1/8". Possibly a warning for mines or dangerous area. North American Auction Company
Buck 110 Custom Switchblade Knife w/ Scabbard
This is a Buck 110 Custom switchblade knife with leather scabbard. The knife features a hardened steel clip point blade marked "Buck 110 U.S.A.". The handle has brass bolsters with solid hardwood grips. The button on the handle releases the blade with strong spring action. The spine of the blade and handle shows fantastic vine file work. The leather scabbard is marked "Buck Knives". The Buck knife is in very good, unused condition. It measures 8.5" with a 3" blade. North American Auction Company
The Original Vigilante Wind Chimes By Colberq
This lot features a unique original vigilante wind chime. This piece has a depicts a clay man in the hangman's noose. By pulling the lever the man falls and his feet act as a wind chime. The unique piece is a play on the history of Montana and the Montana vigilantes. In the first two months of 1864, the Montana vigilantes hanged 24 men, including Plummer. Most historians agree that these hangings, while technically illegal, punished only genuinely guilty men. However, the vigilantes' decision to hang Jack Slade seems less justified. The piece is in good condition and comes with a shipping container for the chime. Measures: 24" H x 10" W x 13" D North American Auction Company
Filson Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag
This is a Filson canvas and leather duffle bag. This bag is made from canvas and has leather straps. The bag is brand new with tags in excellent condition. It measures 15" x 24" x 13". North American Auction Company
Chief of Scouts by Capt. W.F. Drannan 1st Edition
Featured for sale in this lot is a 1st edition copy of Chief of Scouts - Piloting Emigrants Across the Plains of 50 Years Ago, by Capt. W.F. Drannan, published by Thos. W. Jackson Publishing Company, in 1910. The book is "Copiously illustrated" by E. Bert Smith. The book is a sequel to Drannan's book "Thirty-One Years on the Plains and in the Mountains". This narrative gives you a fresh look at early pioneer travels across the west and the smarts that men like Mr. Drannan acquired when dealing with those hostile and tough new lands. Overall, the book shows good condition. The book measures 7 5/8" tall, 5 1/2" wide, and 1 1/2" thick. North American Auction Company

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