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S&W Pre-Model 10 Flat Latch 1st Year Revolver

This is an exceedingly rare original Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 10 M&P (Military & Police) double action snub nose revolver with flat latch cylinder release. The revolver is a first year of production piece and is in fine condition. Left barrel marked, "SMITH & WESSON", left frame marked with S&W logo, right side of frame marked, "MADE IN U.S.A. MARCAS REGISTRADAS SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD, MASS.", and right side of barrel marked, "38 S.&W. SPL." The revolver is marked on the end of the grip frame, "2633". The frame is marked under the swing out cylinder arm, "V / 32824 / 4" and on the swing out cylinder arm, "32824". Cylinder is marked 2633. The revolver is referred to as a Smith & Wesson Snub Nose (snubnose) Military & Police Victory and also referred to as the Pre-Model 10. The snubnose victory M&P was manufactured from 1942-1945 with this being a 1942 manufacture. This was the first snubnose or short barreled revolver Smith & Wesson ever made and features a 2" barrel with fixed sights and flat latch cylinder release. Very few of these first year production pre-Model 10 revolvers were made making this an exceedingly rare piece. The revolver shows a dark blue finish and walnut checkered grips with round S&W nickel silver colored medallion on both sides. The piece has a serrated target hammer with case hardened colored finish and a case hardened colored finish hammer, both in very good to good condition. The blue finish shows very good to fine condition with approximately 90%+ original finish if not better, no luster. This is truly a very rare and desirable revolver and would be the highlight of any Smith & Wesson snub nose collection. Curio & Relic handgun requires FFL/Curio & Relic Transfer or NICS Background check.Read more

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WWII Japanese Officers Samurai Sword Signed

Offered for sale is a WWII Japanese Offices Samurai Gunto Sword for use by a ranking Officer. The blade tang is signed as shown in the pictures. The piece is believed to be from the Nobumitsu, one of the finest sword makers in Japan during the 1930's in the town of Seiki. The number of Samurai swords found in the US is greater than those found in Japan. After WWII. US soldiers captured and brought back many swords. The Katana is one of the most recognizable swords in history. Its strength, simplicity in design and beauty has elevated it to be one of the top military antiques and is highly collectible. This is a WWII Japanese Army Samurai Katana sword. The Katana was developed in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, between 1574 to 1602. These types of swords measure between 24" to 30". The Samurai sword has a very rich history. The sword has been manufactured for several centuries and continues to be produced today. The sword represented more than just a weapon. It was the soul of the Samurai warrior. The sword appears to have all the standard Japanese Military fittings: The Fuchi , decorative band on the left side, Tsuba or hand guard and the Kuchigane, which is the throat fitting located to the right of the Tsuba and a Ito groove on the hilt of the sword . This piece is painted in military brown colors. This piece also includes the rare stranded issue leather military cover for the sword sheath. Unfortunately, the blade does have grind marks, a common occurrence, many of the GIs who brought the swords back to the U.S. sharpened them the way a regular knife would have been sharpened, causing slight wear to the blade. In this case however the marks are very limited. The Beautiful originally wrapped handle shows ray skin and hand worked gilt engraved cherry blossom "Menuki". Overall it is clear the sword is a capture piece by a American GI. The condition is good. Measures: 41 1/2" L overall, 27" Blade LengthRead more

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