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Cal. 348 WCF. S# 20181. Bbl. 20". Standard markings on bbl. Hooded front ramp sight. Williams fold down rear sight & added Redfield receiver sight. Sling bases, swivels & period sling. CONDITION: bbl., mag. tube & forend cap retain 80% original blue finish. Receiver, lever & hammer have 60% finish with 1 scratch near receiver sight. Forend is sanded, refinished & has finish filling with checkering. Buttstock is refinished & checkering partially recut. Steel buttplate has blue in protected areas. Bore is good with powder residue buildup. PROVENANCE: Collection from the Estate of Lewis & Leyton Yearout. (14-2038/TN). CURIO. $2750-3750. Poulin Antiques & Auctions
MORE. 1) PHOTOGRAPH. A highlighted cabinet card photograph in a frame that measures 8 1/4" x 6 1/4". Photo depicts a Union NCO from Company D of the 118th Regiment (state unknown). 9 Button frock coat has shoulder scales, belt, crossbelt & cap box. CONDITION: photo appears reasonably sharp, may be slightly trimmed. 2) PHOTOGRAPH. Albumen photograph of Co. B of the 6th Maine Volunteer Infantry. Frame measures 13 1/2" x 11 1/2". Soldiers appear in semi-Zouave attire. A variety of arms & equipment are in the photo. The company dog is front & center. CONDITION: photograph is quite yellowed. There are scuffs & scrapes to the image however, the image remains clear & distinct. 3) PHOTOGRAPH. A lg. format photo w/ frame measuring 14 3/4" x 11 3/4". Photo depicts the 56th Pennsylvania monument at Gettysburg, Pa. CONDITION: there is a sm. bend in the upper left corner as viewed. 4) CUT OUT PRINT. Frame measures 14 3/4" x 10 3/4”. Originally a print of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth of the New York Zouaves in uniform. Print has been trimmed around the image of Ellsworth & mounted to a red backing. Partial title of print has been clipped out & mounted below the image. CONDITION: image is quite sharp. There appear to be sm. tears or possibly rodent bites on the edges of the title not affecting image. 5-6) FASHION PRINTS. 2 Colored fashion prints from Civil War era fashion magazines. Frames measure 10 1/2” x 8 1/2”. Each image shows 2 women in the latest fashions from Paris. CONDITION: light wear. 7) PHOTOGRAPH. Albumen measures approximately 9” x 7”. Photo has been hand tinted & depicts an enlisted cavalryman wearing a shell jacket, kepi, pants & boots. Photo comes w/ a period frame that measures 14 1/4” x 12”. CONDITION: photograph is yellowed. Card edges have chips & minor losses. Frame shows significant wear. 8) COMMISSION CASE. A tin case resembling a map case that measures 17 1/4” long x 2” in diameter. It has a japanned finish & reads “Commission of Cyrus Hamlin Brigadier General U.S. Volunteers.”. Hamlin was the son of Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin. UNATTACHED ACCESSORY: briefed typed history of Cyrus Hamlin. CONDITION: commission in not in case. Lettering is easily legible. Case shows light wear overall. 9) SASH. A lg. maroon officer’s sash of loose weave construction indicating probable use during the Mexican War to early Civil War. CONDITION: wear, losses, fading & some minor separations. 10) TOY/MINIATURE FLAG. 38 Star flag measuring approximately 13” x 8 1/2” on a 11 1/2” wooden stick that attaches to a 37” red painted wooden pole. Colorado was the 38th state in 1876. CONDITION: flag is somewhat discolored & has a few holes, tears & losses. 11) 3 CALTROPS. 2 Sm. & 1 lg. caltrop used to disable cavalry troops. CONDITION: light wear. 12) POWDER HORN & RAMROD. A 7” powder horn w/ the initials “G*F” engraved near the spout & a modern aluminum tipped ramrod. CONDITION: horn has minor insect damage near the cap. Ramrod has light wear. 13) FIGURINES & IMAGES. A group of modern metal soldiers, a cannon, cast iron ashtray w/ Union officer, embroidery & more. CONDITION: light wear. PROVENANCE: Personal Collection of Darryl Fischer. (02-10932/BF). $700-1000 for lot. Poulin Antiques & Auctions
Cal. 16 Ga., 2 3/4". S# 756994. Bbl. 28" plain with Raybar front sight. Fixed MOD choke. Blued finish with engraved receiver featuring setter & pheasants on right and Mallards on left. Corrugated walnut forearm with pistol grip stock. LOP: 14 1/8" over original buttplate. Weight: 5 lbs. 15.4 oz. CONDITION: 97% blue with light scuffs on receiver. Very good original stock finish with only a few minor handling marks. Bore has spots of light plastic fouling. (13-2825/DS). MODERN. $300-450. Poulin Antiques & Auctions
1) THOMPSON CENTER FIREHAWK. Cal. 50. S# 12881. Bbl. 24 1/2". No. 11 percussion ignition. Bead front sight w/ folding leaf rear sight. 4X-38MM gloss finished scope w/ duplex reticle on Weaver scope bases. Blued bbl. & action. Cheekpiece walnut stock of fancy walnut w/ hand checkering & black TC pad. Beavertail leather sling on QD swivels. Nylon ramrod. CONDITION: 90% blue. Stock shows scattered scratches. Bore has frosted appearance from very light pitting. (01-13201/DS). 2) REMINGTON 700ML. Cal. 50. S# ML040120. Bbl. 24". Percussion ignition. Stainless steel bbl. & action. Bbl. sights are removed. Burris 4X mini scope w/ satin silver finish & duplex reticle. Injection molded stock w/ web sling on quick detach swivels. Aluminum ramrod. CONDITION: bbl. & action have good stainless finish. Stock shows scattered scuffs & marks. Good bore. Scope has good optics. (01-13203/DS). 3) THUNDERHAWK. Cal. 50. S# 7994. Bbl. 21 1.2". No. 11 percussion ignition. Blued bbl. & action. Ramp mounted bead front sight. Leupold M8-4X gloss finished scope w/ duplex reticle on Weaver mts. Fancy walnut stock w/ hand checkering & TC black pad. Web sling on QD swivels. CONDITION: over 95% blue. Stock shows a few light scratches & spots of finish wear. Very good bore. Rear sight is removed. (01-13204/DS). 4) SAVAGE 10ML-II. Cal. 50. S# M015885. Bbl. 24". Percussion ignition uses No. 11 caps. 209 Ignition. Blued bbl. & action. Adjustable fiber optics rear sight & ramp front sight missing fiber optics bead. Redfield 2-7X gloss finished scope w/ duplex reticle on Weaver mts. Injection molded stock w/ web sling on quick detach swivels. CONDITION: bbl. & action retain 80% blue w/ spots of corrosion. Stocks show scuffs & light scratches. Rusty pitted bore. (01-13206/DS). 5) LHR SPORTING ARMS REDEMPTION. Cal. 50. S# R1066. Bbl. 24 1/4" rnd. by Green Mountain w/ 1/28 twist. Top lever break open action w/ top tang cocking button. Rifle features adapt breech system that locates breech threads on outside of bbl. to allow through bore cleaning access. FT2 trigger. Leapers SCP-RD40RGW red dot sight. Schnabel tipped walnut forearm & pistol grip Monte Carlo walnut stock w/ cut checkering. LOP: 13 1/2" over original black pad. Leather beavertail sling on QD swivels. CONDITION: metal retains 98% blue. Stock shows scattered sm. marks. Very good bright bore. Sight battery is dead. Bbl. sights are removed. PROVENANCE: Collection of Herbert "Skip" Clark. (01-13207/DS). ALL ANTIQUE. $900-1300 for lot. Poulin Antiques & Auctions
Pair of Pelham/Brighton Brass Flintlock Pistols.
Cal. 62. S# NSN. Bbl. 4". Engraved brass boxlock actions. Marked "Pelham" on left sides & "Brighton" on the right sides. Checkered 1 piece grips. Dovetails for folding bayonets are filled. CONDITION: Fair. 1 gun functions good, the otherhas loose hammer block safety. Good bores. (01-3417/DS) ANTIQUE. $400-600 Poulin Antiques & Auctions
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