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The Deutsch family have an illustrious history in the art and antiques trade in Austria, and have been trading in fine art, antiques and antiquities since the late 19th century. After the losses of the Second World War, they were able to reopen two dealerships: one in the heart of historic Vienna, and the other in London's Kensington. In the early 1970s Friedrich Deutsch was among the founders of the Art Exhibition fair at the Royal Palace in Vienna, and he he opened Austria's first private auction house since the prewar period. He was also the first President of the Austrian Association of Certificated Art Experts.

Since 1985 Paul Deutsch has led the Deutsch Auktionen sales at their premises at 13 Dorotheergasse, Vienna. He is also official auctioneer to the state exhibition at Chateau Halbturn, a member of the Viennese Antique Dealer Association (CINOA), and participated in the West German Art Fair.

Deutsch Auktionen conducts auctions of the finest quality European decorative and fine arts, including painting, marquetry, silverware and porcelain.

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Jozef Chelmonski (1849-1914)-attributed
Jozef Chelmonski (1849-1914)-attributed, Scene from the Battelfield, mixed technic on paper, signed bottom left , framed under glass. Deutsch Auktionen
Lev Alexandrovitch Belausov (1806-1864 )
Lev Alexandrovitch Belausov (1806-1864 )- Sobranie Mundirov Rosssiiskoi Imperatorski Armii, Collection des Uniforms de l'Armee Imperiale Russe (1832-1837); lithography on paper with description in Russian and French language, signed in the stone by Belausov and numbered on the top as well in Russian and French, stamped with the Imperial Russian Inventory stamp, one of 39 plates. Deutsch Auktionen
Amedeo Preziosi (1816-1882), A pair of hand
Amedeo Preziosi (1816-1882), A pair of hand colored lithographies, showing the Greeks with a view to the Acropolis and the Turkish sultan with his amusements, in late 19th Century frames. Signs of age, spoty, rubbings. 29,5x21cm Deutsch Auktionen
Spanish school mid of 19th Century, three dancers
Spanish school mid of 19th Century, three dancers in landscape, oil on canvas, signed bottom left. Deutsch Auktionen
Stepan Fedorovitch Kolesnikoff (1879-1955)-attributed
Stepan Fedorovitch Kolesnikoff (1879-1955)-attributed, winter-landscape, described and dated 1931 bottom left, oil on canvas, framed. Deutsch Auktionen
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